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Poker release notes 31/05/2017


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A new poker release is going out on Wednesday. Below you'll find more information about the improvements and bug fixes.

New Features and Improvements:

  • Highlight of winning hand


  • Profile button now visible from the lobby, making the profile just 1 click away from the lobby


  • Improve of MTT filter: increase the time for auto-update when typing numbers when filtering by stake
  • Being able to re-buy and addon with only tickets
  • Table cascade improvements
  • Improvement of the full MTT schedule of registered tournaments: showing "starts in" instead of “registration ends”. Also having them sorted in the bar based on the start time
  • Registration within client (Android/iOS)
  • Autoupdate for Windows, OSX and Android (visible first within the next release)

Bug fixes:

  • Client connection stability improvements
  • Misplaced timebank is fixed
  • Added Error Message for Insufficient Funds
  • (iOS/Android) – Raise text no longer changes to Bet when using the betslider
  • No text overlay with long mtt names in specific lobby
  • Play in cents: Call size is changing immediately when turned on
  • Tournament Table – Completed tournaments no longer gets duplicated
  • OSX Table cascading is fixed
  • Tournament Table Tournament lobby – real time refreshing
  • Tournament Table Tournaments no longer gets duplicated
  • Welcome freeroll tickets no longer misaligned
  • Number of addons/rebuys is no longer overlapping in specific MTT lobby
  • ‘Active table’ is displayed after closing railed tables
  • MTT-list in main lobby displays more tournaments in quickview
  • Tournament Info now showing the correct info
  • Client able to add new MTTs in lobby tab
  • Hand replayer not storing hands when railing table
  • Possible improvements for windows reconnection
  • Random crashes in OSX on closing table
  • Crash in hand-replayer
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unfortunately after more than half of year, windows client doesn't work neither on my laptop nor PC. and i have to play in web version. yeah, i can rain dance trying to find the solution in the forum. But really? it should run without such problems. it's the first poker client, that doesnt work and i played in almost all big (and not very big) poker rooms. So just shame on your coders

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Updated the client today...disappointed

I know you are trying to make the game faster,but the graphics aren't on my taste.The cards on teh deck they look a little pitched and they apear to fast on the deck in a odd way, like "puf" there it is :) before to be showed on the deck the card is taking a smal fast curve wich personally i don't enjoy it.

And the worst for me is the yellow underline of the cards at the showdown... horrible

PS:for the first time since updating the client got the message: "this file could harm your computer" I hope it doesn't


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Left is the new cards, right is the old cards taken from a screengrab I had (The flops being identical is pure coincidence :)

New cards appear to be smaller, more tilted and have some sort of dark border to them. I think they look less smooth and more 8-bit.


Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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@booobiii wrote:

to add, when receving the cards there is an od shadow when the cards are turning


Yeah this is what I was talking about. And it's not just when you're dealt cards, but also when you fold, when community cards are opened, etc. Looks funky, but not in a good way :)

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Hi all,

3D Cards
Indeed the cards have changed slightly. This was needed to build the winning hand animation at showdown but also for future animations that we'd like to build (e.g. promotions). 
That being said, there's room for improvement so any feedback is welcome, ideally with as much details as possible about what you like/dislike and any suggestion you have. 


Winning hand animation
I personaly agree with @Boby regarding the golden effect - I find it a bit "kitch" for now. But yet I think it's a good addition for any new player to understand a bit more what's happening at showdown - maybe even more in Omaha.
That could just be that the yellow/gold colour isn't the right one. Any other feedback (wether you like how it looks or not) is welcomed.

Note that you can turn-off the effect (called "Highlight winning hand" - in General settings).


"This file could harm your computer"
@Boby, was that coming from your antivirus and which one was it?
Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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@MoreTBC wrote:

R.E the winning hand highlighting, could you not just fade the community cards that are not in play?

I think this would be a very bad idea, the end board should be clearly visible, making some cards blurry could only lead to confusions, annoyances and complaints based on those confusions. Personally I don't mind the border, maybe trying it out with different colors. If the cards weren't 3d-ish another option would have been to do it like in live games, just raising the cards that are in play, or the ones that are not. 

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