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How to organise your poker tables


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There are a few different ways to organise your tables you can.


Manually sizing/arranging


You can  manually size a table by moving your mouse to any coener of the table, holding in the left mouse button and dragging(only works if you are at the corner of the table, doesnt work from the edges)

You can arrange the tables by holding in the left mouse button on the toolbar(as shown  above) and dragging the table to where you want it to be.

You can also minimize, maximize or close tables using the 3 buttons on the toolbar(as you can with most programs)

Tile tables using


Clicking this button on the top right of the table will open this


Take your mouse pointer and place it over the the top left table icon in the grid, Then drag the pointer to select how you would like your tables to be tiled, then left click. 

Now left click either "current size" or "re-size". Current size will arrange your tables at the size the table is now to the pattern selected filling your full screen. Re-size will arrange your tables to the pattern selected but re-size them to the smallest they will go and fill your full screen.

(only fills full screen if there are enough tables to fill it)


Cascade tables using


Clicking this button will overlap or your tables in one stack at the current size like this



Use tiling and re-size button first before cascade if you want all tables cascaded at smallest size.

If you have overlap its best to enable table priority in settings

Settings guide here https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Poker/Did-you-know-About-the-settings/m-p/6655#U6655

This button will make a table full screen, unlike the maxamize button this will cover the windows toolbar and fill your screen completely.

This button can also be used to close tables.

Feel free to add anything I have missed in a comment.

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