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Unibet Open Copenhagen DAY 1B


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 Good morning all, we're up and ready for the start of Day 1B here at the Unibet Open Copenhagen. 34755357531_7e825e16b8_o.thumb.jpg.ce10999d03790c15112edd58fb377f8f.jpg

Day 1A yesterday saw 47 out of 168 entrants make it to Day 2, with notable names including Unibet Ambassador Dara O'Kearney, Unibet Open London winner Gerret Van Lancker, and online streamer and eSports player Alan 'Hotted89' Widmann.

Van Lancker is looking to become back to back Unibet Open champion but will have some work to do, sitting on a stack of 46,200.

Alan 'Hotted89' Widmann also sits on a similar stack with 41,800, but was extremely pleased with himself and his play throughout the day.

Chip leader at the end of yesterday's play was Tommy Vedelfort who has 244,600, which is slightly over two times the tournament average.

Day 1B is about to start, and today notable players include online poker sensation Viktor 'isildur1' Blom and EPT 13 Prague winner Jasper Meijer van Putten.




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We are only half an hour into the days play and we have already had our first casualty of Day 1B.

Over on table 13, a cooler began to develop. 44 vs QQ pre, and the both flop a set. 

Set over set can be a brutal way to bust, especially when you're just a few hands in. However, if it happens to go your way then it can be great! One person who knows about that is Bonno van den Hout, who has just doubled up by scooping the set over set pot.

The dutchman now has double starting stack at around 60k. 

The unlucky player on the wrong end of the early cooler was Farook Ghafoor. 

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What...is going on!?

We've just entered the second level here in Copenhagen, and stacks are being built. We've lost a few people but the majoirty of the field is still growing strong as you'd expect.

One hand however, seemed to be rather baffling.

In short:

BTN raises to 400, SB flats, everyone else folds.


Check, c-bet from BTN to 700, check-raise from SB to 1500, BTN calls


SB then checks. BTN bets 2k, SB calls. Pot is now around 9k.

RIVER: 5   BOARD READS: A Q 7 4 5♣ 

SB now leads again for 2k, BTN sigh calls, SB shows A5 for two pair, BTN sigh mucks.

Not the biggest pot but certainly a strange one!

What did you think of the hand? What do you put the BTN on when he calls on the river? Let us know by replying to this post.

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Notable players Chip counts

Players have just come back from their first break here in Copenhagen, and some of the more notable players in the field have struggled to find their feet early on. The players started with 30,000 chips.

Here is an update on their stacks.

Ian Simpson (Unibet Ambassador) - 20k

Quentin Le Compte (Unibet Ambassador) - 28k

Thijs Molendijk (eSports) - 27k

Kevin 'Papaplatte' Teller (eSports) - 37k

Kim Larson (eSports) - 27k

Viktor 'isildur1' Blom - 14k

More updates to come with chip leaders included.

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Tales from the break

During the break we caught up with a few of the players in today's field.

Quentin Le Comte felt that nothing significant was happening during the opening two levels of play and sitting on 25,000 that he has plenty of time and chance to build it into something that he can work with. 

Another Unibet Ambassador in the field today Ian Simpson sitting on around 18,000 is hoping to have a a bit more luck after the break feeling that "the table is not as soft as I expected". During the first few levels looking back Simpson is re-thinking some of the calls that he made and thinks they may have been the wrong decision.

Twitch streamer Kevin Teller also known as Papaplatte is happy with the way that he has started today's play confident still after losing what he described as a "bad hand" just before the break. 

The other recognisable eSports player in the field and winner of the Battle Royale earlier in the week Kim Larsson had gone a little short stacked but was building towards starting just as the break began. Showing the progression in his play he didn't put the player he was up against on much called their bluff and his pair of 8's was good enough to take him to about 28,000.

A regular to the event Danish resident but from Manchester Mark Greening is finding his table "difficult to work out" as he builds his stack gradually. On the way to the 44,000 he was sat with at the break he got lucky and hit a straight with his 65 on the river.

Any players that you think are going to go far? 

Let us know below or tweet us @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker.

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Unibet Ambassador Busts

Ian Simpson has been knocked out of the Unibet Open Copenhagen after just not being able to get anything going.

The Unibet Ambassador struggled to get above starting stack after playing for just over 3 hours.

"I hate this game!" he said jokingly when leaving his table.

The other Unibet Ambassador playing today Quentin Le Compte is still in with around 30,000.


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Viktor Blom busts 34740889452_b6e7afb5bb_o.thumb.jpg.e422f77a710d62b5af6979e35dddc89d.jpg


 The Swedish online maestro known to many as 'isildur1', has been knocked out of the Unibet Open Copenhagen just before the 2nd break. His day didn't get off to the best of starts when he lost a huge chunk of his stack callng an all in with QQ v KQ. A king on the turn in that hand saw Viktor go down to around 17k and after that he coueld never get going again.

He busted when he defended his big blind with 9 4 to an opening raise. A flop of A Q 5 saw him check-raise all-in to a c-bet. His opponent had AK and unfortunately for 'isildur1', it held.

He said: "I just couldn't get going today. I lost a big pot with QQ early on and from there nothing was happening."

190 players remain in today's event.

Who will make it to day 2? Regular updates will be posted here.


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Beautiful day for Bonno

As the play was edging closer to the second break of the day the shorter stacks were beginning to find their shoving spot. 

One unsuccessful all-in came from Thomas Lindbjerg who 88 up against Bonno Van Den Hout who had a pair of Kings.

The chips all went into the middle pre leading up to a board of K10J 68.

The 8 on the river was unable to save Lindbjerg with his stack of 4,500 moving Van Den Hout up the chip count leaderboard.

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Notable players Chip counts: UPDATE

We are well into Day 1B here in Copenhagen and currently at Level 4 where blinds are 200/400 with a running ante of 50. A whole host of names are playing in today's event and here is an updated list of their chip counts:

Jacob Tostesen 100,000 (CL)

Jonas Klausen 99,000

Kevin 'Papaplatte' Teller (eSports) - 37,000

Quentin Le Comte (Unibet Ambassador) - 44,000

Thijs (eSports) - 40,000

If you have anyone you'd like to be updated on do let us know and we'll do our best to do so.


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Le Comte looking up34093343023_687208f869_o.thumb.jpg.60f0bb5749fc0b2e2b9efa1eaff20de9.jpg


Unibet Ambassador Quentin Le Comte managed to build his stack up to something a bit more workable just before the second break of the day.

When an opponent in mid-position raised , Quentin took his opportunity and re-raised his KK with the player in mid-position being the only caller.o 950

The flop came out J36Quentin bet 2600 and gets a call from the opponent in mid position.

The 10comes on the turn giving us a board of J3610♠. Both players checked the 10.

A 7comes on the river to complete the bord as J36107♠. Quentin then bet 6500 and received a call from his opponent, who then mucked his hand after Quentin turned over his hand.


What do you think about this hand? 

Let us know below or tweet us @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker.

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Main event breaks 400 players34093342163_2aca5879f1_o.thumb.jpg.08e73cf6c17497c6c93ccb074f3f8b0a.jpg

 With 168 runners on Day 1A of the main event and 234 so far on Day 1B it is fair to say that last years entry total of 376 has been well and truly beaten.

The current total of 401 still has the possibility of being bettered with registration being open for about another hour. After that the news that everyone will be looking for is the final figure for the prize-pool and how much is up top for the winner.

Keep up to date by following this thread or via Twitter @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker.





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Registration closed

Late registration has now closed for the Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event. 403 players entered over the last two days and have created a prizepool of over 2,900,000dkr.

The players have just finished their dinner break, so we will be back to regular updatres as soon as possible.


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Table 3 mayhem!

It's all happened on table 3 in the last 20 minutes or so. 

The mayhem began when one player had shoved all in pre-flop from middle position for around 9,000. The HJ an CO both flat. HJ bets the flop then shoves the turn and the CO snaps. He shows 66 for a flopped set. The HJ's AA no good. And he wasn't happy about it. All in player who shoved pre had A4. CO scooped the pot.

The player in the cut-off was Vladislavs Rutkovskis, and he managed to win around 70,000 just in that pot alone. He then managed to get himself into another strange pot. In what truly became a blind on blind battle, Vlad limped in the SB and the BB Vincent Hevin checked.

Flop comes down: Q 5 3 rainbow.

Vincent bet after Vlad checked the flop, around 1100. We then saw a raise from Vlad. It's a good chance that he was getting out of line because he then quickly folded when vincent came back over the top with a re-re-raise to nearly 10,000!

But wait - there's more! 

Vincent then turned over T9c for ten high! 

I do love watching this game. More updates soon.

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How to beat and then win with Aces

There were two very different versions of events on table 3 as the same two Aces came out in two all in hands in a row.

First up was Christian Grundtvig who moved all in for 17,000 in mid-position only getting the one call from Kasper Kjaer. They turned their cards to reveal QQ for Grundtvig against AA in Kajaer's hand. 

The board came out 8910AJ♦ giving Grundtvig a straight and making his tournament life seem a lot safer. 

The very next hand there was an all again from Anders Kjellerup for 9,000 and he only got the one call from Christian Grundtvig who this time had AA vs Kjellerup's JJ.

After beating AA in the previous hand Grundtvig showed that he can win with them as the board came out K3107Q

Winning the two hands put Grundtvig back on track and inching  towards average stack with the dream of making day 2 back in sight. 

What do you think about these hands? 

Let us know below or tweet us @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker.

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Aces get flushed away

There was excitement on table 5 earlier as we lost two players in a 3 way all in.

Robert Svensson went all in on the turn when the board was 727XQ♥ he received two callers with one turning over AA and the other 89♥ to see Svensson turn over K10.

When the river came K♦ to complete the board and give Svensson the win with flush over flush there were screams of joy from Svensson who realised he had knocked two opponents out whilst tripling up. 

What do you think about this hand? 

Let us know below or tweet us @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker.

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No frost forecast

As the final few minutes of the penultimate level of day 1B were ticking away short stack Sebastien Percy Smith had been patiently waiting to find a hand to shove with.

Peeling 99♣ he pushed his stack of 20,200 into the middle getting the one caller in the form of Lasse Frost who turned over A4.

The board came out 97326♦ giving Smith trips and a nice double up to help make sure that his tournament didn't meet a chilly end. 

With less than an hour left the dream of making day 2 is becoming more of a reality for 80 or so players left in the field.

What do you think about this hand? 

Let us know below or tweet us @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker.

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Papaplatte falls short on Day 1B

Online twitch streamer Kevin 'Papaplatte' Teller played Day 1B of the Main Event here in Copenhagen today but fell a few levels short of making Day 2. 

Peaking at around 100,000 in chips throughout the day, it looked like Kevin had real potential and maybe had a shot at making day 2. But a few bad run of hands and mistake made by the German eventually cost him his tournament life. 34059427543_a765a53dbd_o.thumb.jpg.96dadcf122e7865ac45df5f165d67f41.jpg


He had spent a lot of the day on the feature table with a few very good and well-known players, and at no point did he seem fazed by it. In fact, he showed confidence on the feature table, winning plenty pots and also throwing a few good bluffs in there.

What ended it for Kevin though was what he called a 'mis-step' on his part.

It involved 5-bet shoving Q7 into someone who snap called with QQ...

The tenacity and guts shown to execute such a play is comendable, but probably not something he should get used to doing if he plans to continue to play poker.

Having said that, it's clear that Kevin has enjoyed himself while he's been here. 

He said: "I've loved all of it, the venue, the sit and go we did for eSporters, and I've had a really great time."

"It's a shame I couldn't make Day 2 but maybe next time."

Going back to the Unibet Open, we are nearing the end of play here. Round up of the days play will follow shortly.


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Falling at the final hurdles

With only a few hands reamining of day 1B it just wasn't to be for Nat Jarmonthavat whose tournament ended just 6 hands before he would have made day 2.

Going all in pre with 910he got a call from Jasper Meijer Van Putten who had JJ. Jarmonthavat looked deflated from just seein Van Putten's hand tyurned over.

His expression worsened and quickly stood up as he saw the board come out 4238Qand with that his tournament was over as he shook Van Putten's hand.

What do you think about this hand? 

Let us know below or tweet us @UnibetPoker.

Remember you can watch all the action from the feature table on Twitch unibetpoker.

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Day 1B - Round up34069298714_6686b200b5_o.thumb.jpg.7f878f4313d4fd25b0386c0d22d7dae6.jpgToday saw 236 people register and play the Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event.


34740889452_b6e7afb5bb_o.thumb.jpg.520d5e962d949e9961670c1a44c70534.jpgA field full of locals, pros, amateurs and Unibet's eSports players, it provided some very intersting analysis and was a pleasure to cover. Kevin 'Papaplatte' Teller had over 100,000 at one point and really looked like he could somehwere, before unfortunately making a few errors and busting around two thirds of the way through the day.

A notable pro that was playing today was online poker wizard Viktor 'isildur1' Blom. Unfortunately, the Swede just couldn't get anything going today and bust out pretty early on which was seen as a surprise for many.

On the other end of the scale however are those who ended the day with a huge amount of chips in front of them.

Kaarel Lepik leads the way into Day 2 with a ridiculously large chip lead. He has 395,000 chips, with the next person today having 250,000. He will hope to continue the run good tomorrow when Day 2 starts.

Brit Simon Griffin sits on a workable stack of 180,000 to take to Day 2, while one-time chip leader of the day Jacob Tostesen has around 100,000 to take into tomorrow's play.

Here is a list of the top 10 chip stacks:

Kaarel Lepik 382,900 Estonia
Pekka Ikonen 364,200 Finland
Jonberg Merini 319,000 Faroe Islands
Martin Sokup 276,700 Czech Republic

Uni Gilston 271,700 Denmark

Christian Gruntvig 237,000 Denmark

Deivis Rinkevicius 236,200 Lithuania

Soren Smith 230,600 Denmark

Dennis Holm 220,100 Denmark

Monica Vaka 214,300 Norway

And that concludes our coverage for Day 1B. Join us tomorrow for Day 2 where things begin to get interesting! Make sure you comment on and reply to our posts and get engaged on social media. 

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