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Mark hands for review in game to easily find them in the replayer later


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This is an idea related to the poker hand history replayer. It's nice to have a replayer now but this small addition would make it much more useful. 

Currently if you want to review a hand later you have to write the hand number down and search for it after your game. 

There is no way to pull up an mtt or sng in the replayer and scroll through the hands so if you write the number down wrong, or dont have time to write it down as the next hand takes place, it can take a long time to find it later. Also the hand numbers are not very easy to read (which is good as they would be distracting mostly if very visible) but not good if you want to write down a hand history number. 

This suggestion is to have a hotkey, maybe ALT-M that when you press it during the game the current hand is (M) marked 'for review' in the hand history replayer. 

Then when you go to the hand history after tha games, there is an option to show hands, marked for review, and it lists only the hands you have marked for review. 

There is a tickbox next to all hands in the hand history listing, for review, and you can tick / untick them, so if you have finished with a hand you can untick it to clear it out of your review list. 

I see there is a hotkey ALT-L and ALT-R (i think) for switching between tables in the web player, so hopefully the hot key wouldn't be too hard to implement. 

When it's pressed a little message appears and says, "hand marked for later review", or something similar. 

This would improve the playing experience for anyone that wants to use the hand replayer to review hands after their session. 


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This or all big pot hands (lets say when you invested more than 50bb or 100bb) should be available for replay. This shouldnt be hard to implement in cash games.

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