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Exports screenshots of hand history from hand replayer


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Hi, it's nice that we have a hand replayer in the software now thats very cool, using it lately I've just thought of two ideas that maybe would be straight-forward to implement and would be nice, this is the first of them. 

To post screenshots in the forum we need to save them to the computer, and resize them or they are quite massive. 

So currently for each street we need to :

  • Take a screenshot
  • Go into an image program
  • Paste the screenshot
  • Crop the part of the window with the hand
  • Resize the image so it's not too big
  • Export the image to .png or .jpg

We need to do this for each street. 

What would be very useful is if in the hand replayer, it had an export button, and it has an option for saving the current street or all streets. Once you select the correct option then it opens up a save dialog box and you choose where you want to save the hand to on your hard drive. 

Then it saves the picture of the hand to a file titled something like this : 

5262662 - 25-5-2017 - Preflop.jpg
5262662 - 25-5-2017 - Flopjpg


I think for the programmers this would be easy to do and it would make it easier for us to share our hands with the community :)


In terms of a size that works well, I have found that: 750x550px works well and produces something like this: 1.png.15bed51e9a6d8bc920b007bcd99a52f3.png

As well as helping us share the hand with the community, this will also help us share hands with friends, or on social media etc.

if the screenshot has unibet.com or unibet.co.uk someonewhere on it too this might help with promotion if people share on social media :)

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Hey @JeppeL good point! I did experiment with the sizing in the community, but it was a little bit of a goldilocks effect. 

Small was too small... Medium was too small.. and Big was too big. For the image I had exported which was originally cropped from a 1920x1080 screen. 

The custom sizing I mentioned because I thought it would just make sense to have it a size that is nicely viewable on the forum if the change was being implemented. The main time saving would be , the print-screen, opening an image program, pasting it in, cropping it, etc. For poker you really need to do this 4 times (preflop, flop, turn, river) so a button that did it all for you would be very nice 😃

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@SkilfulPoker You're right, the medium size is too small for a poker table screen shot. If it's suported in your IOS, for now, my best advice would be to use the snipping tool and then paste it into the image program, it will remove the need for cropping at least.

But I really do like the idea, and we're for anything that'll help you guys making posts that includes screenshots for hand analysis and what not - so we'll be sure to forward this to the poker team and see if it can't be added to a list of future development projects :) 

Former Community Manager
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