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Waiting for verification&withdrawal since 1st april


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I would like to write down my own problem with the verification process.

I requested withdrawal at 1st April and I was asked for some standard documents. Of course I sent my ID, my bank statement and SS from skrill account. After some days without any message I wrote to english chat and there I was told that I have to go through telephone verification.  Someone called from London and obviously I passed the telephone verification and I was told that my account is verified. After about 30 min I got a request for a SS from my bank site where unibet could see monthly statement, my personal details and bank logo (!!!). Okay I'm a normal guy and I want my money so I send them requested documents. Then I received a message where unibet request a document which could confirm my last 3 deposits from 2015 and 2016. Well I don't have anything to hide, but unfortunately I have closed bank account which from I deposited money. Altough that I went to bank and receive some screenshots from their archive. I send them to unibet and then received another mail in which they request me to get a document from bank confirming that closed bank account was really mine. There was no problem in receiving that document, even it costed me 10 PLN ... I mailed a photo of this document to unibet and after some days I get an answer that the quality is bad. Well okay, I understand maybe my smartphone is not the newest model so I made some more photos and send to unibet. In answer I got and email to send them photos with my ID next to my face and again the document from bank in good quality. I was shocked but I'm waiting for a big withdrawal so I ddin't want to complain. I made a scan of document (there couldn't be better quality than a scan) and send them 6 photos of me holding my ID (3 front + 3 back) near to my face. After 9 days and my 9 emails I get a response that they received my documents and they're being verificated ...


Today we have 22 may, 8 weeks after I requested a withdrawal. Unibet what's going on ?


My login: puremoney


Thanks in advance for your response.

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@Puremoney Thanks a lot for describing it all here, I checked up on it and it seems that as of about one hour ago, the remaining docs were approved and the account reopened. Because of the long handling time with all the document requests, the withdrawal was reversed at the end of last month and you'll need to create the withdrawal again whereafter it'll be processed within the stated timline /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png


Former Community Manager
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Hello Jeppe

Thanks for your quick response ! That's right I can see that my account was re-opened but it's still not verified. Please first fully verify my account and then I will withdraw money again. When money will be on my bank account I will accept your response as a solution.


Greetings !

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