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UK Poker Tour Glasgow


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I thought I will create a separate thread for this upcoming event, so all of us female players can plan a meet up and update the rest of the female comunity with our progress in the tournament once we are in Glasgow :) 

Who is coming? :Cool:

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Just a quick update on my UK Poker Tour Glasgow trip :)

It was my first time in Glasgow and I was really impressed with the city and the casino itself.  The Alea casino where the tournament was held had lots of big windows and it was a nice view of the river and lots of sunshine whilst playing at the tables.

I played the main event on day 1a & day 1b and tried to make it to day 2 twice with no luck :(  I was super happy to hang out with my friends and community members and see my fellow female friend Christin Maschmann going deep in the tournament. 

Christin came back to day 2 as one of the shortest stacks and managed to make it to the final table and finish in 8th place for £1,300. I'm super chuffed for her & her poker skills!

Also on Sunday I had some time to explore the city, which is beautiful and has lots of lovely coffee shops and pretty buildings. I even tried a traditional Scottish dish "haggis" for the first time😛

On Sunday we also played the Community Freeroll and I finally got to meet @Mynona who was lovely:lovekiss: Both of us made it to the final table and cashed. @Mynona finished in 3rd and I lost heads up to @ChapInAChair who was a well deserved winner🆒

It was a really fun trip and I enjoyed every minute of it, hopefully I'll see many more girls on the tour next stop being  in Nottingham, 25th-27th August x18948864_10158640494635062_508019633_o.thumb.jpg.7bb953196be2142ee377ceef3eb6b56a.jpg18948986_10158640499090062_1151190891_o.thumb.jpg.40681ca0031f8a2eb14830b36bbcd9e5.jpg18987710_10158639646310062_1684381039_o.thumb.jpg.11aa167ac5e06f44f0213b9b65d5a8eb.jpg34254732814_edf61454fa_z.jpg.1623cb0ad6e8087e32eb1d1a24a81535.jpg1035725742_35096467825_6bb145d8c2_z(1).jpg.9ba0aa5a8add3c7b9ff8ae35dc17f736.jpg19024814_10158639647355062_1913179772_o.thumb.jpg.bee351311cf94547fc3c1a20e20f2836.jpg




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It was really great to meet you at the event @Daiva and i'm looking forward to more meeting and chatting in a close future :)

The community tournament was so much fun, surely the highlight of the weekend for me, and i finished 4th, not third although it felt like i finished first after 30 minutes of hilarious crazy bubble  :D    Nice win by @ChapInAChair :Thumbsup:

Congrats again to Christin for the final table of the main event :)


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