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Samsung S7 Edge, I cannot load the card tables at the live casino, such as Black Jack or the poker, roulette works fine tho, trying to click in and see the tables but wont load so gives a white screen. Any solutions..?

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Welcome aboard, @Klingx :)

Haven't heard about this issue before. In order to help you, I'll need a bit more information:
- Which version of Android are you using? (http://www.wikihow.com/Check-What-Android-Version-You-Have)
- Are you using the app or browser? - if you haven't tried both, please try the other and see if it works
- If you're using the browser; which browser are you using? Have you tried Chrome for Android?
- Are you on 3G or WIFI? - again I'd like you to try both and see if it makes a difference
- Have you tried on another mobile device? If yes; did that work?

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 sent this info by email:

6.0.1 Android system

App dosent work. homepage works fine..

Wifi or 4g have tried different wifi


, I'm sorry for having to ask you to go through all this, but we've tried everything, without being able to replicate the issue. Well, please try the following:

1. Upon closing all apps and deactivating any unnecessary toggles (vpn if you have one, saving energy etc.), Navigate to settings -> Applications -> Application manager -> Live casino -> Storage -> Clear data & clear cache -> Launch the app again

2. If the above doesn't work, please try and uninstall the app and reinstall it again www.Unibet.com/apps/lc


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