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Hi I have a problem with the counter for the challenges at 2 sit'go tables. I'm seeing flops containg cards of value like the promotion says but the counter doesn't count all of my hands from 5-6 flops seen with those value cards it doaesn't count about one78899.thumb.png.719d8f492f92faaf1da0775723485ff0.png

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The flop needs to contain those cards, so for example, your hand in the screenshot isn't counting towards the challenge. 

Secondly this only counts during the first two levels, so from the moment the blinds reach 25/50, no flop will count. 

Hope I could help :) 

If you still think there is a mistake, could you please provide a screenshot from a hand you think should be counted towards the challenge, but didn't. (you can find the hands in profile, history, sng) 

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