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UO UK Glasgow 2017 unofficial prop bet/last longer


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Ladies and gentlemen I propose to you the first draft of the completely unofficial Unibet Open UK Glasgow 2017 last longer prop bet/drinking game, created and sponsored by twitch chat from Ian Simpson's Stream.

The Bet

Pretty simple concept devised by @MathrimC..

First player knocked out - Get some food, it's going to be a long weekend!
Second player knocked out - Chooses a drink for the 1st player knocked out to drink.
Third player knocked out - Choose a drink for 1st and 2nd KO to drink.
Rinse and repeat until end of the day


  • Each day 1 is counted separately. Busts in Day 1a will drink Day 1a drinks, 1b.. 1b drinks. All Day 1 busts are subject to day 2 bust drinks if they're still around on Sunday.
  • If you rebuy on either day and bust twice you have to have 2x of the drinks chosen by the next player to bust after you (One round of drinks only)
  • The same drink cannot be chosen by two players. Variants of the same drink (Vodka & coke then Vodka & Orange, Stella then Tennents) are fine.
  • The maximum cost of your chosen drink cannot be more than £6. This is subject to how steep the bar prices are but it should cover all beers and single spirits. It'll also hopefully stop the weekend getting too expensive for the first buster on each day. Using drinks tokens to buy the drinks is fine
  • Drink responsibly


Bad Beat buy out

Just to confuse things more I thought we could add a bad beat buy out where if you are knocked out in a particularly cruel way you can skip a round of your choice or in the case of the ultimate bad beat.. immunity!

Bad beat suggestions

- Straight flush over quads (Skip 1 round of your choice)
- Quads over quads or Straight flush over quads (skip 2 rounds of your choice)
- Royal flush over straight flush (Immunity)


There we have it.. who's in? :) Tag anyone you know that's going that might want in on the fun as I can't remember who said was keen and whether their twitch username matches their community alias. I'll try and record busts and drinks on my arm in biro or something and post it here during the event to keep people updated but if I bust first it'll probably be written in vomit somewhere along the Clyde at 2am.

Are there any leaks in the logic behind the bet? Anything to change to improve it? We've got a month to thrash out the details :)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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