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Didnt get my money back after canceling SNG


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I played some 2 SNG's on my mobile phone some hours ago and I started a third one but I cancled it. But I didnt get my €2 back.

It is about:

5 player SNG of €2

Can this be looked at?



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The buy-in for the SNGs is taken away from your account once the SNG starts, if you're on the waiting list, for a specific SNG, the money still sits in your account. Thus, you won't need to be refunded, your name is simply taken off the waiting list once you unreg.

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@Kirederf There must have been an error with the connection when you unregistered for the SNG, because you stayed registered and was eventually blinded out without playing a hand - I've added a new €2 SNG ticket to your account :)

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