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Client not adding new MTTs in lobby tab (2.5.0)


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I really didn't know how to explain this one properly :)


Pre 2.5.0 when you clicked on the trophy icon on a MTT table you would get the above. If you had more than one table open and clicked on each trophy icon the MTT lobbies would tab to the right. It's not adding the extra tabs now if you click the trophy icons one after another. In order to get the table you have to click a trophy, click the back button to see the full MTT lobby, then click your second tables trophy icon and rinse and repeat. It's a big frustration for weirdos like me that record entrants or like to flick between multiple lobbies without having to click on the trophy every time.

If that makes no sense I can record what I mean in a video :)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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