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What kind of smartphone you recommend?


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Well dont knwo about your Country of recidense but I got myself a sweet deal i my country on a Sony Z3 compact..

Maybe you can find a Z5 or so...or whatever brand you like...the inside is the thing that count...also my choise was because I stay a loot inn high humidety areas....also by choise...

By the way I know for a fact that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge got the best Camera if that is of interest...

If you want Apple thingys..get answer from others..cant help there...

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I would suggest you using an iphone ( new generation is now around €400 ) , quite expensive but does its job verry good and well , no big issues , always working ( for me :D ) mine is now 3 years old and still works as first day ..

But if you like beeing cheaper off and on a android device , i could suggest you a huawei P8/9 . Around 200-300 euro's .


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