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"The general policy for exchanges are:

If you win one package to an event via satellites and a second via Challenges or another promo, we can move the 2nd package to a later event, or we can convert it into €2k of tickets.

If you win one package via any method, we can move it to a later event, though the closer we get to the current one, the harder it is move and I can't guarantee it.

If you win one package via any method, alternatively we can convert it to €1k of tickets. This is a reduced amount because we get a lot of value having players go to these events - we think it keeps them as players for longer, and we get good press. This is also why we effectively subsidise UO satellites with overlays at the lower end."

From here.

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@ApexPredator, We can either exchange the package for 100.000 bonus points (€1k value) or postpone it to the Unibet Open in Bucharest in the 4th quarter this year. Let me know if you want to exchange or postpone the package, and I'll forward the request to our poker team /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png


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