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Can guys add this format?


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I really like those 18mans  cap on unibet and i was thinking if u guys can add some 2-4e 18mans cap

But with different structure 

Something like this 

Minium 5 players need to be register in for this ( tournament to start) (every 15minutes like the 1e 18mans cap )


- when 5 players are register to be the same like at 5ppl sng 

-when 9-12 players are register   ( 1st place 50% 2st  30%  3st 20%)

-when 18 players are register (1st place  40% 2st 30% 3st 20% 4st 10%)

And maybe if they are with bounties are more fun for everyone 


Sorry for my english ( hope this can happend or something similar)

@JeppeL @testuser1




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@ProMode93 I like the idea, but I believe there would be quite a bit of development needed for this - and more time than what is currently available to the poker developers. When setting up a tournament now in the poker back office, you have to manualy select the payout structure and enter the percentages if needed. Your suggestion would make it so the system automatically should be able to recognize number of players and select the payout structure, so it would be a completely new element to the tournament and a lot to develop for only one tournament type.

But I really like it and honestly, it's how it should considering the number of players in the tournaments,.hopefully it's something we can provide in the future at different buy in levels :)

Former Community Manager
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