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Hoovers' PL Competition - The end of the season


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Our great Premier League master @Hoovers came up with another brilliant idea for a competition here on the community.

A lot of teams are fighting for the Champions League spots at the top of the league and the bottom table of the league table will be just as exciting to follow as we’re getting close towards the end of the season. Every point is vital in both parts of the league, so we’ll surely be looking forward to some important matches with high intensity the next few weeks.

Here’s how the competition works:

You’ll need to predict the teams finishing  4th, 5th and 6th as well as 15th, 16th and 17th.

You’ll get 1 point for predicting a team to finish among the relevant positions and 5 bonus points for predicting the exact position.

Example. I predict the following teams to finish 4th 5th and 6th:
4th: Man. City
5th: Arsenal
6th: Man. United

The league table ends like this:
4th: Liverpool
5th: Man. City
6th: Man. United

I'll get 6 points in total for my predictions – 1 point for predicting City to finish among 4th-6th and 5 points for predicting the exact finishing position of Man. United.

Prize pool:

1st. €50 Bonus
2nd. €30 Bonus
3rd €25 Bonus
4th & 5th: €15 Bonus

If we get as many participants as the last time, I'll add a few more prizes to the top 10 :)

The competition starts this weekend. Deadline for posting your picks is on Friday at 23:59 CET.

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Thank you @Hoovers and Community mods for another great competition.Even tho i'm not so good at Premier League,joining this for fun :D

Here are my predictions :

4th: Arsenal
5th: Manchester United
6th: Manchester City

15th: Crystal Palace
16th: Bournemouth
17th: Hull

Good luck to all of you guys :)

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another great promo :) Thank you Guys and GL to all participants

4th: Liverpool
5th: Man Utd
6th: Arsenal

15th: Crystal Palace
16th:  AFC Bournemouth
17th: Swansea

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I love these competitions 😏 Often i don´t do very well , but atleast i feel useful providing the results. Still i will try yet another time to show that i know PL ( yes, it´s obvious for all others that i don´t)

4 Man U

5 Man C

6 Everton

15 Burnley

16 Stoke

17 Hull

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Thanks for another great PL competition.

My predict is:

4th: Liverpool

5th: Arsenal

6th: Manchester United


15th: West Ham

16th: Crystal Palace

17th: Swansea


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4th Man City

5th Man United

6th Everton

15th Crystal Palace

16th West Ham

17th Bournemouth

Good luck all

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