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Why does support say my bet is a loss?


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I made a livebet on golf The Masters on sunday april 9 2017.
My bet is Mcilroy to Win Hole 8 on round 4 against Kuchar - Unibet support say my bet is a loss.
Clearly Mcilroy WON hole 8, with 4 strokes against Kuchar's 5 strokes, as proven by the pictures below.
Official results and my betslip is in the pictures below.
This bet is a win!
I have e-mailed support and chat with support, still no change of bet status on my account.
Support still say the bet is a loss, why?



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Now they have settled the bet  :)
I did not start the thread for the money involved (tiny stake),  as to fairness of the game.
And about how small you feel in a dispute with a sportsbook, so I thank the Unibet Community for helping me in this situation.

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