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SNG Rakeback / Challenges questions etc.


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Hi guys, 

is there any offical information out there about the 2handed/5handed SNGs. I feel some kind of in dark regarding the SNG challenges.

Would be great to get some information about: 

-> how many hands do you expect us to play on average during the first two levels? 

-> how many flops do you expect us to see on average during the first two levels? 

-> how many matches (2handed) do you expect us to need to fullfill a minor / major challenge?

-> how many points does a minor / major challenge give? How does the points calulation work on the different stakes?

-> what is the equivalent in € for e.g. 1000 challenge points?


Would be great to get some inside there. Maybe some charts or something similar you guys from Unibet created.

Thanks in advance :)


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ye but i think rakeback its way smaller on sngs than on mtts ( 2lvl challenges are so hard to make thats like what 10-12 hands lol ?)

Might no t be a good idea to grind super hard the sngs ( a better idea i think its to play less tables and focusing on making a huge roi )( this way at medium-highstakes u get decent rakeback ) and the rake its lower aswel

If the rakeback at sng would be same as at mtts would be great ... but idk 

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But rakeback its verry important aswell if the games are soft dosent mean variance can t be high 

No one saying rakeback should be better than on other sites ( but atleast a range of how much can it be depends of stakes its interesting to know ) 


Most of time u receive less rakeback from sngs than from mtts ( because that 2lvl challenges ) 

If the challenges wouldv been on more lvls ( and more nr of req to complet that challenge will be ok ) ,12hands challenge...


Will be cool to know atleast the numbers


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A little rough data i gathered from my results file for April so far. 
I have played ~280 10e SNGs so far this quarter. The old system would net 280 * 50 = 14,000 points.
I currently have 22,730 points, of which 9190 are from MTTs and 1249 from CASH. So I have obtained a total of 12,291 in SNGs.
I am currently 1/3 in a major and 2/3 in a minor which equates to 694 points.
So effectively I am on 12,985 or if they are completed fully 14,161.

I think from the ~280 games there is a few 4e games that I played when there were less 10's running, so that will shave off a couple hundred points.

So from this sample, points seem about the same as the old system, if not slightly better.

Not actually Old.
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Hi all,

There's no official information about SNG Challenges but happy to answer most of your questions here.

  • Why First two levels?
    First, let me start by explaning that we've decided to do go with "first 2 levels" so that it doesn't benefit experienced players over recreational ones in 5 seat SNGs (you're playing more levels per SNG if you're a good player) and also so that it doesn't encourage players to make tournaments last for longers (mostly in 2 seat SNG). I'm wondering if we should make it 3 levels instead but I need to spend some time on it which I haven't been able to.
  • How many SNGs does it take to complete a Challenge?
    One HU Minor takes around 30 SNGs. One HU Major takes around 120 SNGs
    One 5 Seat Minor takes around 15 SNGs. One 5 Seat Major takes around 60 SNGs. 
    But points per SNGs are based on how difficult the challenge is anyway so the hardest ones give more points than the easiest ones. 
    To define them, we've taken the data from hands played before we've implemented Challenges. That means that if you've changed your bahaviour since we've launched Challenges for SNGs, it's likely that you're benefiting from it. In some Challenges, you can directly affect the outcome (e.g. call a bet in the big blind preflop, then win the hand postflop).
  • How many points does a challenge gives?
    That depends on how many SNGs each challenges takes. The harder it is, the more points it gives. But let's take the example of the average one.One SNG HU Minor that takes on average 30 SNGs to be completed will give 45 points at SNG HU €1 
    One SNG HU Major that takes on average 120 SNGs to be completed will give 180 points at SNG HU €1

    This is €0.03 fee SNG so that's a 1.5 points per Minor Challenge per SNG and a 1.5 points per Major Challenge per SNG for, indeed, 3 points per €0.03 in fee. 

    That works the same way for 5 Seat except that we have between 5 and 3% fees depending on stakes. At SNG 5 Seat €1 (€0.05 fee), one SNG 5 Seat Minor that takes on average 15 SNGs to be completed will give 37.5 points (2.5 points per Minor Challenge per SNG) and a Major that takes 60 SNGs will give 150 points (2.5 points per Major per SNG).

Overall, probably because frequencies have been calculated on data that we had before we've implemented SNG Challenges, we're actually giving slightly more points per € in fee than before but that's less than 2% difference so that could also just be variance etc. Overall, I believe that anyone who try to slightly change his behaviour based on the Challenges he has would benefit from it compared to a €1 for 100 points system but then I assume it varies depending on your play style. 

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