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Welcome to the community, @Pe2. Thanks for asking in here :)

It depends on which type of system bet you choose. If you pick 8 matches, you'll see the following options on your betslip:


If you choose to bet doubles, you'll only need to win two matches in order to win one of the combinations, three matches to win trebles and so on. You won't necessarily make profit if you hit a double, as it depends on the odds. You can click on the Double button or any other system to check the odds you get from each combination.

The number next to the white box shows how many combinations each system has - e.g. if you decide to bet €1 on sevenfolds, it'll be €8 in total and you'll need to win at least 7 out of 8 matches :)

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And if you chose single, you only have to win 1 match?

I want yo be sure of something. So in my case I picked 3 matches and put them all together. In the Unibet’s System tab I have:


Simple (it’s not named single) 3X

Double 3X

Triple 1X

Trixie 4x

Payent 7x


So if I choose simple and put 100 Euro in the box, the bet shows 300 Euro and winning 481 Euro

Now simple means I only have to win 1 match out of the 3 to get the 481 Euro?

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