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This is unbelieveable!

How long should we wait until it gets fixed ?

This a critical bug and needs an urgent fix. It's impossible to play normally. People getting timed out, i have to alt-tab every 5 seconds to check if it's my turn.

I have been waiting about two weeks now for this to get fixed, but it's not getting fixed. Please dear developers do something about it!

It cannot be that hard to fix. 

I am really upset. Sorry for the caps, i need to raise focus on this because i see there is nothing happening. You can forward this to devs and delete my topic if you want after that. It's just crazy slow that things are going here with bugs.

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@JeppeL wrote:

@MrBandes We haven't heard anything about this from others, and I think we would have gotten quite a bit of contacts if it was a general issue. Nonetheless, we obviously need to get it fixed for you!

I put it in the 'Need help with the client' thread and Chris has acknowledged it's a bug.


Edit: Or the poker notes thread.. they all blur into one at some point 🤣

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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There was a guy mentioning this also that table priorization is not working for him and he has Windows 10. I am searching for that comment now.

Found two guys already.


Table prioritisation is not working for me. Tables are not popping up over Chrome.

Win 10, PC client.



@Chris-Unibet, table prioritisation does not work at all for me since the last update. I've tried turning it on and off and I get nothing. No flashing in the taskbar and tables never get brought to teh front. Doesn't matter what software I have running.

Has anyone else noticed it or is it just me? /html/images/emoticons/Asset17.png 


So i am the third. Windows 7 x64. It was working until the last update. Switching it off and on again doesn't help.

It only works when the tournament is starting and the window is opening up. Other than that it's not working.

Windows are staying in the background and i am timing out.


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Now comes the really weird thing. I started playing cash games with two tables on one screen, and windows were popping up for a while from the background, and then after a while they stopped popping up and i got the PLAY button and "waiting for big blind". This is very weird behaviour i must say. It works on rare occasions but not 100% and i really can't understand what makes the difference.

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Edit. Wait, wut? Are the windows supposed to be flashing?? No, that doesn't work here either. Only the same white bars on each of them, and with just minimal highlighting. They do pop up to the front on turn, tho. :wonder:
Win10, dt client.

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