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Poker release notes 29/03/2017


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We've just released a new version of the client. Please find the release notes below. 

iOS one has been submited to apple and will be likely be added to the appstore within a couple of days. 

New Features and Improvements:

  • Improved client performance
  • Improved client stability in iOS
  • Improved bet slider on iOS and Android
  • Improved design of tournament full schedule
  • Improved tournament table info area
  • Improved Banzai buyin design
  • Added specific background for hand replayer
  • Added bonus point notification badge
  • Added railing MTT on Android and iOS


Promotions (from 1st April):


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed black backgrounds sometimes appearing for some players
  • Fixed endless loading time after restarting on Mac
  • Fixed table tiling anchor point on Mac
  • Fixed table tiling resize on Mac
  • Hand strength is correctly displayed if animation is off
  • Flops seen and Avatar dropdown now clickable in profile
  • Fixed table tiling sometimes not using full width of screen
  • Fixed graphical glitch with some avatars
  • Removed scroll list fadeout from lobby
  • Fixed issue where lobby was sometimes incorrectly listing 0 players for cash games
  • Fixed issue where lobby was sometimes incorrectly listing 0 players for SNG
  • Fixed timebank icon sometimes appearing in the wrong place
  • Fixed blinds show incorrectly in SNG title bar for some players
  • Completed MTTs now appear at the end of the list
  • Rounded betsizes to nearest whole number when using pot percentage buttons
  • Rebuy window auto closes when time to act runs out
  • Fixed bet size typing for Android Edge
  • Fixed hand replayer controls in maximised window
  • Fixed slot games incorrectly opening through tourney infobox
  • Fixed overlapping buttons in buyin design
  • Fixed bad placement of arrow icon in a few places on iOS
  • Removed blur folded avatar setting on Web
  • Improved bonus shop scroll bars on Firefox
  • Fixed search button and search field appearing separately
  • Fixed bonus shop and rewards overlapping
  • Shortened bonus shop ticket tab for phones
  • Improved game type filter in Challenges history
  • Improved font size for some major Challenges
  • Fixed copyright year
  • Text for previous and current hand removed from hand replayer
  • 'Read More' and 'Glossary' links now available in every language
  • Fixed arrows being unusable for ticket lists
  • Fixed rebuy amount alignment for phones
  • MTT railing no longer has a +1 button
  • MTT railing no longer plays notification sounds
  • Closes railing MTT table if your seat gets moved there
  • Fixed hand strength showing when railing
  • Fixed avatars not displaying after folding when blur avatars is used on Android
  • Fixed bonus ticket placement in bonus shop
  • Fixed tourney unregister text in Finnish on Browser
  • After a restart, the tourney lobby shows green ticket in full schedule if you are registered
  • After a restart, the register button correctly shows 'register' instead of 'unregister'
  • After a restart, the buyin amount remains at the saved choice, rather than resetting
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Hi @Maengija,

Would you have a screenshot? Do you get a black background whenever you open a table or sometimes? Does it change anything when you change your background? Have you tried updating your graphic card drivers? 

Challenges counter not working, do you mean the widget with the green/yellow/red colour? 

Also, On Windows search bar,  could you please search for “dxdiag” and post a screenshots of tabs "System" and "Display 1"?

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The tournaments lobby looks way better in the v2.4.0 🆒

But I can't go all in if I have a stack like "1550.50" because of the old problem with that ".50" and I guess that the other problem is back too: if you have less than the min-raise you can't go all in (happens at the late stages of a tournament)...

* Here what happened earlier in an MTT... I went all in but my bet was 6,142 instead of my full stack of 6,142.50 and it was annoying to check 2 streets because I couldn't put that 0.50 in and my opponent couldn't bet either... sigh, some annoying bugs are still there 😞


You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind...
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I don't use this thing called Windows. I use emulator on Linux. And yes i know, u guys don't support Linux and so on, but everything worked fine before this update. Just sayin.

Yes, I meant the widget. And background stays black no matter what i do. Hand replayer doesn't even render cards anymore 😏

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Thanks @BillyR23,

Devs are checking where the problem may come from. On the plus side, it used to be possible to bet decimals in tournaments from the mobile app. It's not possible anymore so you can have a stack with decimals only when there's a split pot (and an uneven number of chips). 

Therefore I don't think it happens often but please share how often it's happening to you at the tables. 

Ideally we want to make it so that, if there's a split pot any additional chip goes to the player closest to the button. Unfortunately, it's not a quick one in developement time somehow. 

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Thanks @Chris-Unibet for the fast reply :)

True, it doesn't happen that often to split a pot(especially to split it and get something with ".50" from it) and I'm glad that you guys have already thought of a plan to fix it 🆒

... and we can wait as we can all see how much the client improved since December, BTW big thanks for that ;) 👍

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind...
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Could it be that it was the last just before the break (at XX:55)? Because in that case, it shows the start of the next level (so it adds the 5 minutes break), not the end of the current level. 

I haven't been able to find any running tournament with a non accurate "next level in" countdown yet. 

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I'm checking but indeed, we don't support Linux for windows client. However, I've asked if they know what could have created the issue for you as it's new. We've fixed a problem that some players were experiencing where part of the background was black so maybe it's related. 

Have you ever tried to play on our Web client instead of the download one on your emulator? And do you get the same issues?

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Hi @FreedoM,

Yes, I agree it looks good and it would make sense to have it as a normal background.

It will be fun to request another Hand Replayer background that doesn't look as good (clean) as this one. :laugh:
I'm thinking maybe it should look like a TV studio (with cameras on each corner or something) but still very clean. 


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Today ALL other clients work just fine. Unibet is still dead.
Nice work INDEED!


(My drivers are updated and works just fine for EVERYTHING else and elsewhere)
Congratulations Unibet for your outstanding and totally unique pokerprogram!

It´s all in there.
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Hi @Camilio,

Correct me if I'm wrong but the download client hasn't been working for you since the new version in December because your graphic card doesn't support directX 10 or over. DirectX 10 was released in 2006 and even though we want the client to support as many configurations as possible, it sometimes doesn't make sense for us to make concessions on features for outdated configurations. 

I believe you already play on the Web client right?

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