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Terms and conditions - Unibet Community Poker League April


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These are the full terms and conditions for the Unibet Community Poker League:


Only one entry per community member, Unibet reserves the right to take action against any customer using multiple entries in any community league tournament.

- Any hand played in a community league tournament might be published in part or in full, either as text or video on the Unibet community and we reserve the right to do it at any time. 

- General Unibet terms and conditions apply.

- Unibet reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time.

Leaderboard points:

- All Unibet players can participate in the community league tournaments, but only registered members of the community are eligible for the leaderboard prizes.

- The total amount of points available in any community league tournament in April is pre-set and can be found here.

- Only members of the community can earn points towards the leaderboard.
 If you've finished in a point earning position without being a member of the community, you can register and let us know about it to which we'll make an exception and add you to the leaderboard. 

- All players must play using a poker alias identical or similar to you community alias. 
If you play in a community league tournament using an alias not identical or similar to your community alias, you'll earn the points equal to finishing one position lower. 

Winners SNG:

-The winner of each individual league tournament, who's also a member at the time of the start of the qualifying tournament, will earn a spot into the "Winners SNG"

Tie breaker rules:

- If two or more players finish with equal points on the leaderboard, the payer with the single highest point earnings in one tournament of the relevant month will win the tie break.
E.G if player 1 has 60 points in total while winning 37 points in one tournament and 23 in another, while player two also has 60 points while winning 34 points in one tournament and 26 in another, player 1 will win the tie break as the 37 points is a single higher point earning than the 34. 

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@Egon As a member here, you automatically enter the community poker league by playing the tournaments, just make sure to play with the poker alias "Egon" or something similar to get full points :)

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