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Cancellation of bet


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Jag kanske har helt fel, men om man som jag råkade trycka fel och vill ändra spelet 2 timmar före matchstart, är inte det rimligt?

Det har hänt 1 gång tidigare på ca 15 år och den gången gick det bra.

EDIT by @testuser1: a quick translation: "Maybe I'm wrong, but if I happen to make a mistake when placing a bet, shouldn't I be able to get it cancelled, if there's still two hours to kickoff. It happened once before"

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I have got one cancellation in 15 years. Should I intepret your answer that my lifequote then is fulfilled? Today I bet 5K on New Jersey Devils by mistake because I forgot my glasses in my car and didn't saw the text properly. 

I called Unibet and was denied the cancellation and the switch to CBJ. I think it was bad service from your side, so in the future some other companies will have my money.

Shame on you!!!

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Name me one bookie that allows for a bet to be cancelled after it's being placed and the odds moved! There isn't one! If the bet is truely a mistake why don't you hedge and take a small loss instead?

We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
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Yes, we only offer one cancellation, and you got a bet cancelled 5 years ago. However, as you point out, you've been a customer for 15 years and the odds actually decreased just after you placed your bet. Under these circumstances I'd personally try to get the bet voided for you, even though it goes against the procedure. My colleagues thought the exact same way and actually offered to try and get it done (they can only call the traders and try and get it done, it's up to the trader if the bet will be cancelled). Below a summary of the contacts you had with our CS yesterday.

  1. First you call us shortly after the bet has been placed. You explain you placed a bet by mistake and would like to get it cancelled. Our CS agent say that you can't get the bet cancelled, you say that you had it done before, she says that it's something we offer once, and twice she says "But", but she's interrupted by you, and you hang up while you're talking. She was about to say that she'd like to try and call, to get the bet cancelled - she wrote this as a comment on your account, just after the call.
  2. You contact us on the chat. Below a translated transcript.

[a couple sentences not relevant to this summary]
[17:16:50] Customer: I bet xx kr. on New Jersey Devils, but I actually wanted to bet on CBJ. I called CS and got the reply that you don't offer the cancel bets. You obviously can, if you want to. [a few sentences not relevant to this summary]
[17:17:22] Agent: Hey Customer!
[17:18:22] Agent: You hung up the phone before my colleague managed to call our traders
[17:18:32] Agent: But I'm happy to look into this, if you want me to?
[17:18:42] Agent: Can't promise they'll voide it, but I can certainly try for you
[17:21:30] Agent: Customer?

The chat was closed a few minutes later, as you didn't reply.

You contact us again one more time after the match has started.

I'm really sorry that you're not satisfied with us, but I honestly don't think you gave us a chance to help you. Both the employees you spoke to, they wanted to help you, but you either hung up or just didn't reply in the chat. I hope you're willing to give us another chance - you'll have a very hard time finding another bookmaker, that will cancel multiple bets for you (or even a single one). It's obviously not ideal, but as @WuDu point out, you can always back the opposite outcome(s). Our theoretical return on the match was 95.1 %, but as the odds changed just after you placed the bet, it'd have been slightly higher for you.


EDIT: as it isn't clear from the above, and you can't see the time of your post, if you use the relative dates; you posted on here after the game started.


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