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Brighton Unibet UK Tour 2017


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Day 1b of the £220 Unibet UK Tour is underway in Brighton with over 80 entries so far this day. Day 1a counted a total of 137 entries

We've already seen some familiar faces from the Unibet Community like @FeelsBadMan @MathrimC 
We will see if we can organise a fun community game tomorrow, and if so, we will have some ambassadors joining too!

So let us know who else from the Community is here and how things are going!

@Simon-Unibet, who is doing our social media and me @Robin-Unibet will be here today. Where are sitting below the stairs. @DavidP_Unibet will be joining us tomorrow as well. For a chat or anything else just pop by :)

Ambassador Bounty

Unibet Ambassadors Ian Simpson, Dara O'Kearney, David Lappin, Espen Jørstad, Davia Byrne and David Vanderheyden are all play during this event. What adds an extra layer of intrigue if one of them is sat at the table, is that each ambassador has a bounty on their head. If a player knocks out an ambassador they win a €100 Unibet UK Tour final ticket to qualify for the next UK Tour event.

As well as their cash prize, each Unibet UK Poker Tour Brighton champion will get a custom trophy and a package worth €2,000 for a Unibet Open event. A €2,000 Unibet Open package will also go the online qualifier who lasts longest in the event.

Follow updates on:











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Community Game

We will run a friendly community game starting at 17:00 Local time, we managed to get 2 tables.

We will finish between 7-8 before the side event that runs tonight. 

If you like to play show up between 16:30 and 17:00, so we can fill up the seats!


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Where are the updates from the community members? Or from the ambassadors? I want to stay up to date :D

@MathrimC@MoreTBC@DaVitsche@Hymn2Ninkasi@balticblonde and defenitly missing some other players. @pirahn are you playing? :)

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@Robin-Unibet wrote:

@ArtyMcFly we have updates on the Unibet Poker FB https://www.facebook.com/UnibetPoker/

@Robin-Unibet I thought is a temporary problem but every time I tried to go to Unibet's fb page I got this error:


PS. I followed the updates via Twitter and it was more than enough, well done :Thumbsup: :Cool:

Also, I didn't think the prizes are so high at the UK Tour, for sure I'll put more effort into qualifying and have a shot for that ~15k euro 1st prize :D :Cash::Cash::Cash:


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Just wanted to say a big thank you from the Scottish trio to all the Unibet Community and UK Tour staff for a fantastic event in Brighton at the weekend. Really nice to put a face to all the staff. Huge thanks to Robin and David especially for being so helpful and down to earth. Well played to David for making me fold my J high vs his T high, lol. Also good to meet the new Unibet ambassadors, I was regular follower of Espen's cash table streams.  He's a cool and funny guy, but he needs to work on his dealing 😀 It was nice to meet all the community players who I encounter on the tables regularly. big shout to MathrimC, RK_95, Raegar and Coxy for a fun community experience. Again huge thanks to Rendezvous Casino, Brighton and staff for great venue, friendly dealers and warm atmosphere.

Love the photos and video, presume Willie's five secs of fame at end of video was pre me and him at bar on Sunday night! 😃

Looking forward to the next UK Tour event in Glasgow on our home territory and hope Barry can retain his crown.


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Hi all,

Just joined the Unibet community to say my thanks to all involved at Brighton. Must mention Simon who sorted it all for me, cheers.

I had a great time at my 1st Unibet live event and managed to cash. Considering putting up a trip report about it. (My bad beat stories rolled into one).

Looking forward to hopefully qualifying for Copenhagen but will probably play Glasgow regardless.

See you there.


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Here we go i will try to make the effort. Here's my trip report.

My road to Brighton started at the start of March. Logged back into Unibet as i was sick and tired of Pokerstars. I am a much better player at Omaha8 but it has started to bore me and i have felt the pull of NLHE again.

Another consideration for logging onto Unibet was the live circuit. I love the setup of the satelite, the affordable cost of entering sats and the ability to change tickets. 

So, it was, with this in mind i deposited £50 i think. Intention being to grind the satties, up to £4 entry and chop tickets. I had a great start and got a few final tickets for Unibet UK Tour and another for the UO. Whilst playing some of these tourneys i had some disconnects at critical points (now solved i might add) and contacted customer support viaTwitter. Spoke with guy called Simon who was very helpful and i exchanged my tickets for a buy in at Brighton. 

That was it, i was in. I was only playing 1 bullet though. Day 1b or me.

Saturday rolls on and i realise my car's MOT has expired on the 16th March. Damn. Straight on Google trying to get a hire car. Managed to find one for £63 for 2 days. It was a 2 year old piece of junk Corsa, i was gutted. Oh well, at least i'm rolling.

Got my myself to Brighton with about an hour and a bit to spare and decided to have a sit down feast at Casa Brasil on the marina. It was OK i suppose except the chicken heart which i had never tried until then, it was awful.

Get myself into the Rendezvous to grab a beer, say hello to Simon and chill for 15 minutes before the game. This is my 1st time at Rendezvous (generally too lazy for live poker but making the effort lately) and i'm pleasantly surprised at the space in the card room. 

Got seated at a table, can't remember what one (Jamie Burland) was on it if that helps. Nothing really happening for me in the 1st 6 levels, seem to be going up and down like a rollercoaster. There wasn't really any hands i remember (i wasn't planning a trip report) until the last level. I have to say i love to win at showdown with terrible cards if possible, don't know why i just feel better winning with 72 than AA. 

Anyway, i'm on the button and it folds to me (awesome opportunity to play like a fish). I look down at 74hh and raise 3.5x bb. Small blind calls as does big blind. Hmm, strange, no re-raise? Flop comes KQ5 unsuited. Both blinds check, so i decide about 40% of pot is about right. Small blind calls, big blind folds. Turn comes a 6, check from small blind. I'm now open ended figuring him for maybe Qx, TJ, AT, etc, so i bet out about 40% of pot again which now has about 30k of my 55-60 or so, River comes a 3, he checks again, i'm all the moneyz baby and he calls. WOW, figured he would fold and then he tabled KQ. WTF? I turn over the nuts 34567 and he has got the right hump. (He was OK in the end though, if a bit unhappy and on tilt).

So i go into day 2 with a stack of 94k in the end.

So day 2 arrives as do i, bleary eyed and hungry. No time to eat, left it too late.

3 hands into the start of day 2 i look down at AKhh and end up getting it in pre flop with a bigger stack than me. He turns over AKxx, flop comes 2 hearts, turn hits the 3rd one, BOOM. I'm on over 200k already. What a start. Then it becomes a grind until we are in the money even though the bubble burst quickly. With 24 left i look down at AA, can't remember what position i'm in (think it was big blind). Gut in UTG +1 calls 8k big blind, folds to button raises to 25k. I'm trying to figure out how to maximise the pot and make out it's a reluctant call and UTG + 1 raises all in, yes, that's what i'm talking about. Button raises all in also who has me covered. I'm nearly wetting my pants as i call. 

UTG + 1 shows AJdd with about 100k stack, and button shows QQ with a 250k stack. I table with AA with a 200k stack. Flop comes 2 diamonds. Turn a Q, WTF, where's the justice and the river is a blank and i'm on my way home. 

I came 24th or 23rd for £390 but was very happy with my play, managing to mix it up in great spots as well as making some folds. If i had won with the AA i would of had a top 3 stack at least and been changing up a gear to aggressive instead of dropping down into neutral and getting in the crappy corsa rental. 

Listened to a band i know on the way home to lick my wounds. 

Should hopefully see you all again in Glasgow, where i aim to final table. Thats if i can't bink a Copenhagen package.


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