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Glasgow Qualifier


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:geek: :puking: :puking:

82 hours from the tournament win and still no sign of UNIBET :(

And for sure i read, we contact u within 72 hours after your qualification.

How difficult could it be to send an email, to make a phonecall?

Its so bad.


Im sure i havent heard a word before the weekend comes ;)


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@Neilcaterham wrote:


1st package won for Glasgow, chasing Copenhagen now as well

@Neilcaterham, congratulations, I always smile when I see someone make it to a live event who also plays the UO10s and suffers through qualifier hell playing the SE 1 Euro games. Good luck.

We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
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