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Meet the supplier - Thunderkick

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Hi all!

It is shiny happy Friday again and today we are glad to introduce our friends at Thunderkick. They recently celebrated five years as a game studio and have since inception brought the casino world a range of unique games. Many of you are well aware of the long time favourite Esqueleto Explosivo and last year's hit title Zoom and in this introduction they are giving you a sneak peak of what is soon coming.Thunderkick.jpg.0611e12c4f66a11a4279591c2ae48f2b.jpg

First of all kudos to Unibet for letting us at Thunderkick share our story.  Unibet will always hold a special high paying symbol in our Thunderkick heart as this was the very first home to our slots. Rutger Hauer was wrong in Bladerunner - All those moments will not be lost in time like tears in rain- time to shine.

Thunderkick was born out of a dream to create the slots we always wanted to play. Five years have flown by since the Big Bang of our Thunderverse and today we are having more fun than ever. With all-in house game development being conducted at our Stockholm office we take great pride in every new release. Our games are made from a recipe of many strong voices and great teamwork. Have we found the recipe to the perfect cook – no, but considering how much we have enjoyed the ride we will keep on trying.

Now, let´s look ahead.

 luchadora01.thumb.png.43e75687d30bc17e7fbcfd16cfc72f7c.pngOn the May 1st, we are inviting everyone to join us in Mexico and to enter the world of Luchadoras. This 5-reel medium to high volatility slot features all the characteristics and action you would expect from a true Mexican showdown. Meet our Lucha wrestlers- El Rayo, El Serpiente, El Pantera, El Toro and hopefully the champion, La Luchadora. With crisp graphics, exciting features such as the Lucha Bonus and the Lucha smackdown, are you ready to hit the ring?

flameBusters02.thumb.png.f5e887430240b6ae9dd6f12a8eea2740.pngRemember those good old days when your TV was still “wooden” and a save function in game play didn’t exist. Or the days when you just wanted to save a cat from a burning building? On the 17th of May get ready to meet Roasty Mcfry and the Flame Busters on their quest to save the cat and bunch of other characters…


 wow_screenshotgame.thumb.png.9069b5596f35a3d49c769e1b90943df6.pngNo matter your preference, we are dedicated to continue serving you new stuff on our Smorgosbord. In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy the thunder from Fruit Warp’s volatility or the magic of our latest release – Well of Wonders.

Please feel free to provide us with any comments and or feedback concerning just about everything and please let us know what you think of our games. Have a nice weekend!

Team Thunderkick






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Another great Swedish game developer! 😃

I played Well of Wonders for a long time today, at first I didn't have any luck but after a while I started to get some wins.
The fairy showed up a couple of times also.
The sad part was that every time I got a big wins it was at the first 2 steps, would have been great to get a big win x32.

Ended up with a small loss but I had fun for a long time. This was my best win:

Esqueleto Explosivo is crazy and funny with the voices, keep up the good work being creative like that! :Veryhappy:


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I'm with @PokerAndBetting - go Sweden! 😀 👍

What I really like about Thunderkick's games is that they're so different. The slot themes and graphics are really fun and inventive, albeit a bit trippy and macabre at times. I mean how do you come up with stuff like chopping monsters in half, electrocuting little birdies, singing/exploding skulls and fire burping frogs etc? Would be interesting to be a fly on the wall during one of your brain storming sessions... 😛

The wins are generally pretty low though. Yes, I've won big a few times, so I know there's potential. But you often have to play for a long time to hit a decent win - or any win - so I hope to see some less volatile slots from Thunderkick too in the future. Otherwise, keep up the good work! 😃

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