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Cant register with shorter validity ticket, uk4


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I have a bug with my uk4 tickets this last week.  I have a 4uk ticket with expiry in 4 days, and 1 remaining with expiry in 13 days (i had 6 of those).  When i registered a 4uk satellite, i could only chose the late validity ticket and not the one expiring soon. (i'm gonna ask to change it to 4x1uk in the exchange thread because i dont want to lose it so it might have disappeared when you see this).

Never had that bug before, maybe it was due to the ticket not being grouped together ? (i have several tickets from the same amount that are grouped separately (25uk, 50UO, 100UK for example). Maybe this is the source of the problem, and for sure a bug i guess (they should all be under the same tab).

On another subject, we still cant register the 1€ UO turbo with a 2UO ticket despite the tournament being multibuy. (don't know if you need a seperate bug report for this one)

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@JeppeL  i haven't had the bug of the ticket not being used anymore.  But, we still can't register the UO 1€ turbo with a 2UO ticket.  And i still have tickets that are not grouped (despite them being the same value and type). :)

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