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i feel blessed


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i feel blesed that on the 8 th march , the womens day ......i received my lost promotion e-mail.

cool....what can i say...at least i was not forgoten ...8 days after promotions allready started.....should i print screen the promotion e-mail date? not!cause i received it today!

but a new start is a new start so i have to congra.. the promotion team for 8 days delay!

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sorry that i was not able to post the screenshot ..i didnt had to much time to see the reply but here they are:




the good thing is that it is ok to receive them , but i want them to be received on time , i dont want to miss anything that i consider it might be a good promotions.


sometimes i do have time to check them , but sometimes i dont so 8 days delay it is something that it might be gone missing from my favorites

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