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FInal Table DEal


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One idea would be to have the option to make a deal with the others players at the final table. 

FOr exemple  if you have 

winner 30 euros

second 10 euros

third    5 euros

With a deal accepted  you could  decide the amount and make the deal 


Winner 20

second 15

third 10


the players have to agree the deal to be accepted


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I think that's the type of things that are usually acting in favour of experienced players over recreational ones. 

We thought about it though, where for specific tournaments (large fields etc.), players would be asked between ICM (or Chip Chop) deal or continue playing - nothing else, to keep it simple. It may look slightly complicated for someone who doesn't know poker much but I think it becomes important to have such tool when you have very big fields and therefore feel much more pressure when making a final table in a given tournament etc.

Let's be honest here, we're not at a point, yet, where we have very big fields in tournaments so it's hard to prioritise for now. 

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