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Just started The Sunday Entilted. 15 minutes later.

The guy limps from UTG. (He has been doing it 50 % of time). The guy on the Cut off isolates him with a small isolate x3. I have AA on the SB, just cold call. Flop is Q 3 8 (3 8 of spades). The guy from UTG donks 200 in a pot of 400. Isolater raises to 800. I reraise to 2100. First ❤️♥️❤️ calls, and we have motherfu**ing insta 0.0001 second push from the cut off.

Of course I'm aware of some sets of 3 and 8, probable 2 pairs with Q8 and don't worry at all about FD (I had an Ace of Spades) and no insta push with FD I guess. Turn is 2 of diamonds. And River QUEEN OF CLUBS. I have invented some new filthy curses. 1 OUT. (Also there were 3 kings and I would be less tilted if it was a King). 

And the guy has three stacks after the 15 minutes of the tourney. Not fair. That's all. 

p.s. Hope you man will be a bubble boy. LOL


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Quite sure it was a joke.

I got the funniest beat also yesterday. Cash game, got it all in on the turn with AA, board TTTT, opponent had K8 :D Two outs to split, not so bad, but made me laugh so hard when the ace hit on river :DD Almost same time on other table I won all in with AA on KJ9 flop vs QT, turn T river Q :D

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