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Revlo Giveaway Ticket Not Received


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Hi Vdanut,

First of all congratz with the win.

On the other hand I would like to ask you to be patient. Every ticket is listed in Revlo, so they will not be forgotten/lost.

However, after the Unibet Opens there is always a lot of stuff to do, and I didn't prioritize the Revlo lists, if you have close to 300 winners spread over 5 days, it asks for a big timeslot to copy paste them. I'm pretty sure I pointed that out multiple times during the Unibet Open streams. 

Hope you forgive me. In return a puppy


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@DaVitsche I don't need the ticket :o Give me the puppy!!! now!

P.s. If sending me the puppy is too much struggle, then the ticket will do I guess ;p

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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Congrats @Vdanut....I thought SKYHAWKRED had actually won all the tickets despite only following the channel for four days in a manner that did not appear to be rigged at all....

If anyone is good at maths perhaps they could have a go at working out the odds of winning three revlo raffles in a row on the same day...

1 of 1 winner - 478 entries (10MTT)

1 of 1winner - 413 entries (250UO)

1 0f 5 - 738 entries (50UO) (might have looked suspicious if he'd won all 5)

Apologies in advance to SKYHAWKRED if you are a normal bloke who got lucky as opposed to the evil genius I beleive you to be 👼

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