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Preselect different aliases for MTTs during registration

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The ability to select the alias you will play in an MTT during the registration process without affecting the registered aliases in other tournaments that are yet to start would be quite useful for community/twitch/affiliate games so you can preregister with a certain alias to those games while still playing your normal session with your more anonymous alias, and it decreases the possibility of someone registering with the wrong alias. Of course it would be useful for easily using multiple aliases during MTTs and it would make the changing of aliases easier to do in SNGs as well if it were implemented there as well (skillful mentioned this idea for sngs, but for mtts there are other issues as well). And it will make aliases more anonymous since you can currently sort of spy on someones aliases if he is registered in a tournament that is yet to start or one that has finished, because those aliases will change as well when the main client alias is changed.

Currently we have the option to change the alias during the registration process in cash games 257558179_2017-03-0114_14_59-TexasHoldem-NL4(cg7768dc).png.3356806430c1b59078492d035ed06e08.png1293260621_2017-03-0114_15_09-TexasHoldem-NL4(cg7768dc).png.20a90b93cfc97b1cb073883e476eebda.png

And currently the MTT registration looks like this


The alias chooser could be added at the top like in cash games and it could look like below


There are a few problems that need to be tackled for this to work properly.

First of all the way the cash game alias selector works is that it just changes the default alias in the client, which is enough for cashgames because the table starts immediately but for the purpose of preregistering with different aliases in MTTs it is useless because it will change the alias in every single tournament you're registered in instead just for the specific tournament you want to use that alias in. 

Instead, the alias selector for MTTs should append the alias you selected to the registration process of the tournament you're registering to, so that when that tournament starts it will use that specific alias regardless of what the main client default alias is at the time. And the only way to change the alias from that specific tournament afterwards would be to unregister and register again using a new alias.

Now this could cause some issues that might need to be dealt with.

If an alias that is already registered somewhere is deleted and replaced there might need to be a clause to automatically switch that alias to either the one that replaced it (i.e. the slot of that alias) or to the main client default alias.

Or just let that alias appended to that tournament regardless if it's deleted or not, but since some tournaments have registration periods of months, a clause to prevent an alias to be recycled after a certain time IF it's still registered in a game might be necessary, maybe by extending the period until recycling, if it's 2 weeks adds another 2 weeks to the period and then it checks again. 

Another purely design issue would be the size of the avatars in the selecting screen. As can be seen in the 2'nd image they are pretty massive since the huge cash game registration box allows it, but they could also be made much smaller as well and in a single line similar to the way the are in the deleting screen for MTTs and SNGs




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I was going to submit a bug but luckly your suggestion covers it.

I find it strange that once you pre-register a tournament the Alias is not saved, and it changes to the new ones until the tournament starts. Dunno if Unibet will do something about this but I said it could be reported.

Thumbs up for the suggestion, maybe some1 from Unibet can take a look or atleast fix this bug if not totally implement the suggestion.


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