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Upload an avatar (rank 2)

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Once you’ve reached rank 2, you’ll be able to choose your own avatar :smileyhappy:

To do so, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Click on your username, followed by My settings
  2. Choose Avatars in the menu bar and hit the button upload an avatar, right next to your current avatar 



3. Pick the method you want to use to upload an avatar and click Save

4. Adjust he size of your picture. First you'll do it for your main avatar, then for the thumbnail, the smaller one next to messages.

5. Click Save and show off your new cool avatar!

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@DepchZ wrote:

I only have the 'from community' option currently available. Something wrong?

what should be wrong if you dont read the first post?


you have rank 1 so you cant upload anything , in the moment you reach rank 2 you will be able to upload whatever you want


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@hayrinen wrote:

Rank 7 and no possibility to upload own avatar. Maybe it is possible only rank 2 members. :smileyhappy:

Not sure what went wrong in your case, but I've manually granted you the permission to upload an avatar. It might be that we were making some changes to the permissions, in the exact moment you reached rank 2 :)

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@kasperi wrote:

@MarcoV wrote:

@kasperi, are you having issues when trying to set up you own avatar? You should've been able to do it since rank 2 :)

Yes there is no option to upload my own avatar

Solved now. For some reason you were not automatically granted rights to upload an avatar or write your own signature. I'll look further into this :)

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