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Badly Handled-Extremly unhappy


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hi there i posted to seek help/advice and to let others know who make the same mistake to hopefully learn from my experience.

I was rushing to make the freeroll last night and just above it was a 25euro uk tour which i unfortunatly misclicked into by accident(WHY IS THERE NO COMFIRM OPTION) and st8 away it went onto the table at this point i thought **** and folded 1st hand and then sat out got st8 onto customer care...after all the messing about with info i had to give i explain the situation.after a few mins waiting my reply was ok i try exchange ur ticket.well obvy wasnt listening properly but these things happen i explained again the MTT had started and i didnt know what to do even if i won i cant n have no intention of going to UK TOUR so the MTT is no good to me.Again i wait a few mins during this time i am still away n i have seen i have AK N JJ which is a little annoying as if this isnt sorted i am missing opportuities.The person comes bk to me says since its started i cant do anything for you atm but he will send info to the team that can.I expressed my concerns that what if they didnt do anything to help me and i was stressing out he said he understood my frustration and was confident they would sort this issue out.So naturally i sit out the rest of the MTT as i know if i play any hands then i wont have a claim.

So i get an email back late last night saying the decision is not to reinburst me and that i played hands and i had an opportunity to unregister.With regards to i played hands nothing could be further away from the truth i did not play a single hand other then maybe fold the 1st hand i panic nor did i get an option to corfirm my registration never seen a site like it at all. Every site  that i have been on has this option and i didnt get an option to unreg like i said as soon as i misclicked it went st8 into the game.

So today i have re sent an email and gone onto customer care not recieved an email back btw either.

i have asked for my hand history of the MTT to which they declined saying they cant(WHY NOT)

i then said ok then if u can show me 1 single hand i played and prove to me i did i will accept the decision again declined saying cant(WHY NOT)

I feel so mistreated and under valued as a customer atm i really dont know were to go from here if i was told by the 1st person i spoke to at custom care n was told nothing he can do he will send to team but i dont think they will do alot or somwthing along those lines i would have just had to play the uk tour and got on with it my issue is that i wasnt and i was told he was hopeful they would and then told i played some hand i strongly deny that claim if anything thats the worst part making me out to be a liar yet they dont n wont prove that i am wrong(COZ THEY CANT)

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@queenkimbo Thanks for explaining what happened in detail, the poker team looked at it today and they've issued a refund of £21.11 to your account as a goodwill compensation. MIstakes happen, and we understand the frustration that goes along with losing money on a sattelite tournament that you never intended to play, I've tried it myself a couple times as well :)

From our point of view, the sequence of events differs slightly from yours, also being the reason the initial requests was denied at customer support:

  1. You had 1 minute to unregister - the signup happened at 21:28:56 CET and the start if the tournament was 21:30 CET. After signing up, you also signed up for the €500 Freeroll, this happened at 21:29 CET. Before signing up to the freeroll, there was also a cofirmation request which was completed:

    Had the tournament already been running, it woul've instead looked like this:

  2. Technically a couple of hands were played as the first 2 were folded by acting -  you describe this yourself as well and correctly you were sitting out the remainder of the tournament. 

So though it could be argued either for or against, I think we've come to a good decision and I'm happy the community was available for you to make us aware of the situation :)


Former Community Manager
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thank you very much i appreiacte what you have done for me and taken then time to look into it i was frustarted and very upset as i didnt believe i was been listened to properly i honestly cant thank you enough and in future i will take more care with how i register for MTTs

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Great resolution to the issue. Just confirming what Mathrim said, that people get sat at the tables 1 minute before start so yeah, only 4 seconds to figure out what happened, click the confirmation messages and unregister :) ... and the "Please note that the tournament is already running" pop-up message doesn't contain any information about what tournament that is. 

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