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Unibet Open London 2017 - Live Updates Thread


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We'll be quite a few members in London next week (@MarcoV@testuser1@GotWhatItTakes@VikingsAF@AndreiBN@MoreTBC@Hymn2Ninkasi@vongrundal@YpresX@AlexandruDobrin@Wibbe@Stoned_midgetz@Karl@DjKhalle@sG and I've probably forgotten a few), so I think we need a thread for updates from the event, like we had in Bucharest - you're of course also welcome to post updates in your own blogs :)

@MarcoV and I will be in London from Tuesday to Monday, and we'll try to share a lot more content than we did in Bucharest. Rented a couple of GoPro's, so hope I'll have time for a bit of video editing every night, so you can see some of the highligts from the past day, from the members pov :)

Will also use this thread for updates on any competitions we might have. Feel free to share and discuss anything related to the London event :)

You can also add us on Snapchat for updates. Username: unicommunity https://www.snapchat.com/add/unicommunity

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How could I ditch you at the airport @testuser1, when you were in such a hurry for that beer - you wouldn't even wait for me in the tax free shop!

Just arrived in Brighton. Going to catch up with my cousin and watch him and his band play a gig tonight :) go SEATS



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Looks like there is a storm over the UK tomorrow. Tried rebooking and it just gives me an 'Unknown error'. Airport site says my flight and the 16:50 is cancelled so I'm guessing all the ones in between are too.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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