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Greetings Unibet community,

I'm a fairly new player on this site. Recently moved from stars to give this site a shot as it seems more recreational friendly.

Took some time getting used to playing without a HUD. But as I'm starting as a rec it certainly has it advantages as well.

My question is if it's possible to export hand history through the poker client? Not to analyze other players, but simply to keep track of my winnings and leaks. Currently grinding SNG, and just a win/loss ratio would be much appreciated.

Loving the site so far, will probably be more involved in the community as well :)

Appreciate any response.

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Hi @Labbe,

I don't think that the log file saved on your computer is the one you're looking for - there might have been a misunderstanding between you and the customer support agent.

I've sent you an email with stats for this year :)

Former community moderator
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