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@krokoussorry to hear you ran bad lately.

Check out this article, it's a good explanation of variance in poker. Most people bandy the word about but as you can see from the article its effects can be pretty pronounced. 'john' in their example wins 2k over 40 sessions, but individual sessions range from $-300 to + $640.

Unibet is regulated, and winning (poker) players couldn't win if the cards were not random, but they do, check out uhlen's thread for example.

Here is some text from Unibet about this... (https://www.unibet.co.uk/help/products/poker/poker-reliability)

When playing online poker with us- just like in real life – using a random number generator (RNG), you can be sure that the cards are drawn randomly from a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The RNG is isolated from any game logic or player information in the system and an unlucky run is exactly that- an unlucky run.

"Independent auditors regularly perform recognised statistical tests on the data files by our RNG to confirm that the cards are dealt randomly.
As always, we stick to the highest standards of personal information protection, internally, in all transactions, and on our poker software.
We do not profit on your wins or losses. Revenue is generated by rake, the percentage taken from the pot seen. Exact percentages can be found by reading more about our rake in the Unibet Poker section of this help centre. As part of our efforts to provide a fair play environment, we don’t allow HUDs (Heads-Up Displays) and tracking programs. Our quick lobby seating system has been designed to ensure that every player is on a level playing field, and each seats are distributed randomly. "

Hope you run better next time you play!

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