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Double Trouble and Super double trouble ticket


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Was it  at cash game tables? Double Trouble ticket is only given for your weekly cash games result, so any money won or lost in MTT's or SNG's won't count towards the ticket. Money won during the week in cash games also counts towards the Double Trouble balance, meaning that if you win X euros in cash games early in the week and lost them later in the same week, then your balance towards DT is 0

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@onixx89 you can ask a detailed document on your winnings and losings of the last week to the customer support :) 

So sending them a message trough live chat and asking them for your "Results of last week at the cash tables and at any stake". You will then receive a clear csv file with all the results, rakes, hands played and so on :)

Normally the system tracks everything correctly, so for that I think you can be happy that you didn't lose so much ;)

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