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Unibet Poker Not Working in Canada


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Thanks for reporting the issue, @Kashclicks

Do you get any error message when trying to open the client/app?

Could you do me a favor and send a PM with:

1. A file called Poker_log.txt located in     C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Unibet Poker (AppData is a hidden folder)
2. In Windows, search for dxdiag and take a screenshot of tabs "System" and "Display"
3. A screenshot of the issue you're experiencing

Which promotion would you like to make use of? :)

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Actually just received PM:


Hi Kashclicks,

Thanks for sending the log files. Could I get you to take a screenshot of your dxdiag? I need the information in the tabs "system" and "display" for the report I'm making to our developers.

Also, what operating system are you using on your iPhone?

I'm not saying the issue is on your end, but we need information on your devices in order to investigate properly.

Apologies for the issues you're experiencing and for inconvenience regarding the information you need to send. I wish we could see what causes the issue from here, but unforuntately it's not the case, which is why I need to to provide some more details.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


My response is that I cannot imagine how this problem is unique to me.

You must have many other users with same issue.

Good luck with it

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@Kashclicks, I checked with our customer support and the poker team. We haven't received any contacts from Canadian customers who have a similar issue and our poker team hasn't noticed anything specifically for Canadian customers neither.

We've had plenty of technical issues since the client release in December last year, but the issue you're experiencing doesn't seem to be related to the ones we've heard about so far.

The fact that it's not working on two different devices does indeed indicate that the issue is caused by something from our end, but I'll have to ask you to send in the details before I can report the issue and start an investigation.

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Ok I finally got Unibet Poker app to open on my iphone and I was able to login and play.

However my PC is just showing a black page with Unibet Poker v2.2.2 at the top.  It does not want to open.  At the same time, I currently have successfully opened the login page on my iphone.

Not sure what the Dia? page is that you want me to take a screen shot of.

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