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Juan-Martin Del Potro


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Well top 20 is pretty sure, he will beat 20-50 ranked players with ease. Only if healthy for some long period of time ofcourse. Top 10 more problematic, but i think he can be king of 250-500 tournaments and thats pretty much enough to be near top 10.

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It will be very hard because he's 27, and already past him prime. His best chance was in 2009, when he Roger Federrer to take down the US Open.

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I wish him luck, but today Murray has to win, sorry m8. 

I hope he will continue this form on the Tour, and maybe on the next Australian Open he can be a trusted contender for the semifinal. But if this tennis comes because of the olympic games and the nation (feelings whatever), i suggest to wear argentine Messi jersey during the year. 

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