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So it's 2.30pm and I just poured myself a drink, I wouldn't usually, but I am hungover and from experience I know a sure fire way to cure a hangover is to drink lol.

Disclaimer: If you're under 22 and even slightly impressionable, dont think alcohol is cool, get back to constructing a great life for yourself! :P

With that out of the way, i'm curious to know when the last time my fellow Unitbet Community friends, partaked in the liquid that was not alcohol free, and what their choice was?!

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Rudimental have always made good club music.

[humble brag] I warmed up for them when they did a DJ gig in Aberdeen, lovely guys that had to make do with a terribly set up PA system. Poor trumpet guy getting feedback [/humble brag]

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Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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