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Option to restrict buy-in amount, and formats of game played in Poker Software


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This is something that might help people that want to stick to one format / buy-in, but find themselves playing anything that takes their fancy and justifying it to themselves as fine to do that, despite wanting to stick to one format / buy-in.

It's a 'responsible gaming' type feature, that i've seen on another site before, and it can be quite useful for people that would like to be a bit more consistent with the games they play, but frequently find themselves spewing their poker bankroll away in games they shouldn't really be playing!

Not a long term solution to poor discipline at the table, but it can be useful in the short term (speaking from experience).

It would have a timer on it, so any changes you made to it would take 48hours to take effect, essentially to protect any players that have a tendency to 'move up' when on a downswing etc.

My thinking is:

SNG  [   ]

MTT [   ]

Cash [   ]

Banzai [  ]

Maximum Buyin: [   ]

Where you would tick the formats you wanted to play and enter an amount into maximum buy-in.

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This is very good idea i was just opening up same topic after losing my roll playng way higher then i seposed to.

If u guys coud make such arrangements in poker softwear i think there woud be much more happy poker players in Unibet. Incloding me.

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