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Bonuses and Missions


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Hi all.

So I've just been looking at the February Mission and the final part to complete Part 1 is as follows:

PLO Blackjack 0/20
Be dealt 20 cards with a value of 10 or higher at any PLO cash game stake.
Reward 100 bonus points.

Seems simple enough.

I'm also working my way through the Texas Hold'em major and minor challenges right now but I'm not exactly breaking sweat trying to achieve them as I see them as a bit of icing on the cake so to speak.

As well as this I've got a 10 euro cash NL10 ticket that I'm currently working on and I'm paying more attention to that. So far I've managed to spin it up to 25.83 Euros and I have 235 flops left to go before it's released but as it's cash that could be wiped out pretty quickly lol

My question to you all is do you look at the missions as a must do at any cost or, as in my case, simply ignore a mission if it involves playing a game that you don't usually play?

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I always play the missions, they're just good value.

If you take the PLO one, you can in theory clear that in one orbit if you run well. Even if you don't play a hand you're not going to lose much money just waiting for the 20 cards at PLO4. If you lose 20 cents in PLO and win a €1 ticket for example it's a profitable move.

I'm on part 4 just now and I have to play 10 flops of PLO, 10 flops of NLHE and see 10 BJ cards in NLHE for €5 Banzai ticket. That's at most 30 minutes work over 2 days for €5. I'm probably not going to lose €5 completing the mission and even if I do I'm getting that €5 back so it seemslike a no brainer to complete.

That's just my opinion though :)

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Yes I agree where possible do the challenges for sure, just be sensible, if you end up losing a stack or more trying to do one of them, then maybe think about if it's worth it for you  right now. Also I guess it depends what your goals are, if you are playing poker for fun it can be alot of fun to do the challenges (I try and do them every month) but if you are tyring to purely profit, then some of the challenges (e.g. Omaha, ) if you don't have any experience in that format, could actually prove costsly, for example part 2 of this months challenge is to get two hands in Omaha where all the cards are same suit. I lost 1/2 a stack trying to achieve this (because I play when I am doing challenges, instead of just folding everything which I guess you could do if you wanted) and I count myself lucky to have gotten away with just 1/2 a stack loss in a format I haven't really got much of a clue about :) But for me , i'm motivated to simply complete the challenge, like a game, just as much as I am the actual financial rewards etc. So yes I would say it all depends what your motivations are, and the most important thing is to just be sensible and if you find youself losing a stack or more to complete one part of a challenge, maybe question then if its worth it :D

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