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I accidently chose the wrong bet and support is (quite rudely) telling me no cancellations are allowed, however a search through the forum gave me a different answer and people have had their bets canceled if it's a first time issue and the match hasn't started (which is the case).

I actually have two as a new sports bettor, one from misclicking a bet and another from not understanding the risk free bet bonus.

They are both on the superbowl. The mistaken bonus bet is 5 euro on no overtime, if possible I'd like it removed. The other is a 1 euro bet on Taylor Gabriel getting 75 yards, a TD, and the Falcons winning which I accidently chose. I know I should have been more careful but the formatting on the page was very unclear.  

If I could only choose one to cancel it would be the no overtime bet, though I'd appreciate any help. I also understand if nothing can be done. Just want to make sure with a post here after support was unhelpful and rude.

Thank you.

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@LaPazYa, I've cancelled the €5 bet you placed on "no overtime" :)

We do have a rule in our terms and conditions that states a bet cannot be withdrawn, although in most cases we can make a one-time exception and cancel a bet for you - not really sure why the agent refused to cancel the bets without checking first (will have a look at it tomorrow). Unfortunately I couldn't get both bets cancelled so lets hope Taylor Gabriel plays a great match tonight :) Kindly note that we can only offer this service one time

Good luck with your bets tonight! :cash:

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