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My first final table on UNIBET! :-)


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@JeppeL A big thank you needs to go out to you for giving me the extension to the 2 Euro ticket a few weeks ago without it I wouldn't have entered the tourney that I just finished on the final table in 4th place! :-)

To say I'm over the moon is an understatement lol

So far on my time here at Unibet I have been hitting a proverbial brick wall in tournaments but today I finally broke my duck and not only cashed but also managed to make the final table .....  spinning that 2 Euro ticket up to a 10 Euro ticket HAPPY DAYS! :-)

Even sweeter was that I was chip leader at one stage but got all twitchy and made some pretty horrendous folds lol. (I swear I even heard Mike Sexton's booming voice going "Well I can't believe he just folded AQ on the button!" LOL

Mad thing is I only dropped into the tournament because I was looking to complete one of the steps of the February mission!

Right time for tea and boy is my chicken curry going to taste even sweeter now lol.

Good luck at the tables this evening guys.

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