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Where are they now?


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I know it doesnt really make sense to open a topic outside of poker and promotions, most of the members dont even open the sports section. But im always curious what happens with the players after they retire, so where are they now?

I just found out that Patrick Kluivert is a sportdirector at PSG :wow: He was one of the best strikers for 4-5 years around 2000 while he played for Barca. (i loved that Figo, Rivaldo, Kluivert triangle, best attackers of my childhood)

And did you see the "great" Ronaldo in january? Figo is like in 2000`s...


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There is a game right now, Real Madrid U19 - Ajax U19. The two coaches are Guti and Aaron Winter, two legends. Aaand, Patrick Kluivert`s son, the 17 years old Justin is playing as well. Thats why i love to check out this UEFA Youth League. 

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