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Slots: Finding Chrome


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So what is up with this browser requirement? Usually I've been avoiding it like a plaque, but now when taking few beers, watching snooker and playing microlevel singletable-poker with crappy android phone at the same time, decided to put some slots spinning for the background music. Last time when I tried to play this Vikings go Berserk - game with firefox, I didn't see nothing but half of the gamescreen. Now when I tried to launch this new Alchymedes, it was first time when it became clear that the google chrome is needed. 
Is there any information anywhere about the overall requirement of the PC to play all the games, or is it just that your gaming softwares has become too requiring? 😀

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@Rushbie Some of the casino slots works best in a certain(or multiple) browser due to each browser featuring different technical abilities. Though we don't have a full list of browser optimization for the different games on the site, a message directing you to use of the best browser will pop up when opening the slot. 

The error you described playing Vikings go Bezerk in Firefox wasn't related to the browser optimization, so if you experience that again please go ahead and either let customer support now or post it here on the community with a screenshot. Vikings go Bezerk works fine for me in Firefox, and if I try to open it in Internet Explorer I get the message to use either Chrome or Firefox for the best experience, but I can still press "Continue" and play the game:


The same scenario should apply to you in Alchymedes: the best browser for it is Chrome, but if you press continue you should still be able to play in the current browser :)

Former Community Manager
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Yeah well, got nothing against Chrome anymore. Actually its quite fast, which is nice 😆
I also tried the Vikings go Berzerk again with Firefox and now it was running well. Last time in December the whole bottom of the screen was simply black and didn't allow any actions. But all good now!
It also helps a lot if you remember to turn off VPN and other such things that slows the browser :laugh:

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Yggdrasil has previously helped out with some pointers for players who have had issues launching there content - see that post here https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Casino-Live-Casino/New-exclusive-game-Orient-Express/m-p/51487/highlight/true#M1039

Thery are also alerted about thist thread and will come back with a response.

KR, Fredrik

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Hi RushB,

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, as Fredrik already pointed out, you could get some help from following the hints from the link he sent. I'll post them here again just in case.

1)         Use Chrome as your preferred browser when playing

2)         When using Firefox, install a new video card driver and the latest version of Firefox

3)         If problems persist with any of the better known browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), then please disable WebGL in browser settings and restart the browser window before trying again (instructions for that can be found online when googling "disable WebGL /browser name/" )

The errors you see might sometimes happen - usually with older software setups, which had no problem running Flash games, but need to be upgraded with the latest software updates to offer a similar experience. Since all of our games use HTML5 platform (which allows us to offer better gaming experience) then sometimes that means that older setups need to be upgraded for the perfect game experience. Following the hints I sent you before should help you out with playing all of the games built on HTML5, not only Yggdrasil ones.

So we hope the following hints help you enjoy our games like you wanted to :)

All the best,

Team Yggdrasil


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