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Cash-tickets: Community RunItUp records?


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So, every so often I get these cash-tickets for whatever reason (monthly-challenges and whatnot). I at least try to make them enjoyable, but rarely ever take them too seriously (I might play them while watching TV-shows or whatever. Don't judge me, I multitask fairly okay :p). Anyway. On this last badge I got three Banzai €1 tickets, and one of them took flight.... As in I wasn't sucked out at in the opening move, and as you all know one move is just about all you got at Banzai. Anyways. (yeah, the other two crashed and burned, as in I cashed them out with €0.44 and €0.80 when I left the tables unable to get them off the ground). Back to the one that actually did some good in in this world: I ran it up to the high forties, without taking things too seriously or really keeping too much of an eye on thing. I did switch tables every so often and kept away from big confrontations with other big stacks, and divided my assets on two tables, to be able to get through the requirement of 165 flops a bit quicker.

So I can't help but wonder if it isn't possible to run these tickets up pretty high if you actually do take them a bit more seriously than I did, and maybe even if you clash with some other giants/luckboxes/whatever. I think it should be quite probably someone has run these things up to triple digits? You're obviously limited by the flop-requirements, and as such this is kind of like a limited-time challenge. So I'd like to hear from the community: how far up have you run a cash-ticket?

(The €4NL-tickets have something like 325ish flops requirements, and you play a lot deeper. I guess those are possible to run up a lot?)

Oh, yeah. Here's where I ended the ticket after the flops-rec:


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@DavidP_Unibet wrote:

Bumping this for relevance, and nice job!

Thanks. It's going to be exciting to watch just how far people will manage to run their PLO-tickets for the competition (when everyone is handed a free ticket to give it a shot)

Very nice promo, and right up my alley (although I'll probably go all in with the full balance on the first attempt, so I need to be lucky enough to stay ahead... Not so sure it's wise to divide into 2 €2-attempts at separate table, but each to his own...)

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