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Last night betting error


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So last night at about midnight (local time) i tried to place a bet and it gave the error: communicationerror (translated). 

When i asked my fellow gamblers if they could place a bet they confirmed the error and said it was probably the server.

Badly enough the bet i was about to place was a winner:

Washington wizards -7.5 handicap at 1.98

So i was wondering, does Unibet have nothing to cover that in form of a free bet for those who would won a bet if they could place it? Was actually very dissapointed.


Thanks in advance



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Technical errors might happen from time to time and there is nothing you can do about it.In my opinion ,i don't really see why should Unibet or any other gambling company have cover for this kind of situations.

As long as you didn't spent any money ,due to the fact that it wasn't possible to place a bet,don't see where's the problem.If that bet would have been lost,would you have asked them to remove a certain amount from your balance,even if you didn't place any bet? Don't think you would have done that :) So it should work both ways around.

And one more thing.I'm pretty sure it's impossible to keep track of those customers who "thought" about placing a bet on a selection ,which was impossible due to a techincal error.

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Welcome to the community @Anthonyds! :)

I understand how frustrating it must be, but as @AndreiBN says, we can't really offer any compensation. Even though I of course believe you, it'd set a precedent for the future, where all customers could claim that they wanted to place a bet on a winning outcome, but couldn't (whenever we have a technical issue). I'm really sorry about the issue, and I can assure you that we do our best to achieve a 100 % uptime!

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