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Tournament and Freeroll Filter Slider improvement suggestions


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As everyone else I am similarly disappointed in the slider (obviously not a super important problem) and the fact that you can't easily filter for 0€ buy-ins ... maybe also replace the Flip category in the filters with Freerolls since I don't think that many people actively search for the Flip format :P 

The reason why the slider is useless is obvious, for sub 100€ buy-ins which makes up almost all the tournaments offered by unibet it's really hard to actually set the slider correctly because it's such a small portion of the slider, so I would propose the following design, where you would have clear delimitations for all the most popular stakes on the site and each small region between 2 amounts like between 1 and 2 or 25 and 50 or 100 and max will have that region also split in invisible sectors that match the numbers that are supposed to be in that interval, for the slider ... the way it is now the region between 100€ and 500€ takes up 3 quarters of the slider for 3 tournaments ... so splitting the entire slider in equal sectors won't work properly :P , it should be split on intervals, and graphical delineations would make it easier for people.

Also make it possible to type 0 in the max buy-in box :P

My design suggestion:


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Thanks for submitting this idea, couldn't have proposed a better one myself 👍

I'm not usually bothered by any bugs or design flaws that have been happening with the client so far, but this vague slider thingy is extremely annoying for some reason 😏

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Value should be 0-100+. There is no need for anything higher than 100 really and just setting the furthest right value to be >100 would cover any random things like UO direct buy ins.

NMPs mock screenshot looks perfect.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Quoting @Chris-Unibet from this topic: Poker release notes 31/01/2017

'Yes, the buy-in filter is disappointing indeed. We've discussed the improvements needed with the provider. 

In the meantime, you can replace the minimum and maximum numbers from the boxes and press "enter" to validate your choices. It's not obvious at all and will be improved but that's a workaround for now.'

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The bet slider is indeed bad and I was quite disappointed as well. 

I've sent a somehow similar suggestion although yours looks better ;)


And we should use at least a third of the space for buy-ins from €0 to €10 and maybe 15% or less for €100 and more (the image above was just to show how it should work).

Anyway, that issue will be tackled and as @Ametrine said, you can replace the minimum and maximum numbers from the boxes and press "enter" to validate your choices in the meantime. 


I agree you should be able to use min = €0 and max = €0. Not sure yet about the freeroll button as we don't particularly want to push players to play freerolls only but I agree that the betslider should of course let you find them. That wasn't designed badly on purpose. :(

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I wrote this in the twoplustwo thread. The summary is I agree with the suggestion. Also bolded are a workaround to make it easier until it changes and another more minor problem with the slider.


Re: the buy-in slider on the tournament list filter

It seems to run from something like zero to about 500 euros.

The trouble is, because it's linear (in the sense that the middle is 250 euro), a lot of the common settings people want, like whether or not to include or exclude tournaments of 0, 1, 2, 4, 5 and 10 euros are represented by a couple of pixels at the far left end of the scale. It would be nicer if it was logarithmic in some way (so the halfway point between 1 and 500 would be about 25 and there would be more space devoted to the lower buy-ins).
On the other hand, rather than doing it mathematically maybe just set it so the slider converts directly to min, 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, max with ten percent of the slider reserved for each buy-in.

By expanding the window to fullscreen I have managed to set it for 4-10 euros though so that's great compared to the previous situation where I had everything from 1-25 euros.

One more minor thing with the slider is, it would be nice if the text in the box underneath updated as we moved the slider rather than just when we released the mouse, because we don't know if we are releasing it in the right place and need to do it several times to get it right.

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